“Everything will be okay in the end.   If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. “


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We’re trapped in the New York Comic Con Phantom Zone . . . Back Next Week – Maybe. . .

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Batman – Year One is Geektacular.

I have started to write this post three times now but I just can’t find the right angle to get across how really fantastic this direct to DVD (and available for direct download) title from Warner Brothers animation is.

It’s just about the best Batman thing I have ever seen on film.  I’ve been a Bruce Timm fan since the very first episode of Batman – The Animated Series. I”ve had the good fortune to meet him twice and I am planning to seek him out at New York Comic Con this weekend simply to say “Thank You”.  I had very little interest in seeing this adaption of the Frank Miller masterpiece.  I’m sort of at a place lately where I’ve had my fill of reboots and re-tellings. I want something new.  While that is still the case, I have to admit that seeing the quintessential Batman Origin tale brought to “life” by these incredibly talented animators and voice actors has reminded me of why people keep reading Shakespeare.

It’s really THAT good.  Seek it out.

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Coming Soon. (But not soon enough . . . )


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Batman – The Line

Got an email from Henry Tripson this morning asking if I had seen his fan film yet.   I hadn’t but I’m super crazy busy getting ready for New York Comic Con this week , so if you don’t mind – check it out below and then give the guy some feedback in the comments.  I’ll check it out myself when we are done with Comic Con . . .

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Seeds of Arkham

The new Batman short fan film from Bat in the Sun productions has been released just in time for New York Comic Con.  Check it out in the embed below.
Seeds of Arkham by Batinthesun

Did you watch it?  Okay good.

Just a couple of observations now that you’ve seen it:

That’s a totally bad ass way to do Killer Croc in a Nolan-esque flick. Loved him.

Why do you spend all the time and money on a Batmobile and Killer Croc effects and then cheap out on Poison Ivy and Nightwing’s costumes.  Ivy’s bra top looks like it came off the shelf from a TJ Maxx. Lame.  Nightwing’s suit looks like a ballet costume.

Why is that even (most of) the best looking fan films have such lame predictable writing? Joker’s death, I’m gonna gut you like a fish, blah, blah, blah bore me to tears. Looked great though. These guys should be doing some second unit stuff for sure.

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Relax Animators in Korea … The Simpsons shall continue (to make boring episodes).

Remember like a hundred and thirty seven years ago when The Simpsons premiered as part of The Tracy Ullman show and was funny, edgy and pretty much the coolest thing ever?

Yeah well that lasted for about five years but they just keep squeezing blood out of that stone and this week it was announced that the voice cast had made a deal to take pay cuts or get profit sharing or sell Bart Simpson branded candy bars to their families at Christmas time or something to extend the “life” of the show into 2014.

That’ll be 25 seasons of yellow skinned, expensively voiced animation keeping the Korean animation studios afloat.  559 episodes. 107 of them actually funny.  So much for lowering the snark level around here.

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