Toy Story 3D

Where is He Man? Why no He Man?

My nine year old daughter will deny it if you ask her but she actually watched Toy Story 1 and 2 so many times when she was a toddler that she used to “lip sync” along with the characters on screen.   Until the VHS tapes actually became so worn that the screen filled with static and warbled Mr. Potato Head animation.  As a side effect of that obsession from her early childhood I too have a great affinity for the tale of Buzz, Woody and their retarded friend Rex.

Toy Story 2 was like The Empire Strikes Back in that it was able to take something that seemed like it could not have been done any better and bring it MILES past the original product into territory that made it feel like you had actually “missed” something in the original that was now so obvious in the sequel.  I can’t see how Toy Story 3D is going to  top that.

With that said; I sincerely hope that Toy Story 3 is awesome.  Let’s be honest though; the odds are stacked against it. The third movie in a trilogy is usually the one that makes everyone say: Maybe we should have done something else tonight.

Third movies are famous for crazy lapses in plot judgement allowing things like Arachnid boy dance sequences and teddy bears saving the universe . . .

I HOPE this is not the case with Toy Story 3.

Come on Pixar . . . you can do it  . . . don’t drop that ball . . .


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