The Losers win. (Lame Headline)

In keeping with our policy of reviewing films 3 months after they are no longer relevant I would like to share my thoughts on The Losers with you.
My thoughts are pretty much summed up in four words.

Hell to the yeah.

I have NO idea why they would bother making an A-Team movie at this point. I promise you it will be an embarrassing suckfest of Hollywood mediocrity after you see the absolute coolness that is The Losers.

I have no idea why this did not make a Billion dollars in theaters when folks are willing to pay 20 bucks for crap like Shrek 26 and a half in 3D. I loved this flick and cannot believe how much FUN it was from start to finish.

Truth be told I have not read the comic on which it is based but you can be sure I’ll seek it out now.   The characters are engaging from the second they step on screen and the story has just the right amount of twisting to keep you enjoying the explosions but not questioning them too much.   This ain’t The Hurt Locker and is never meant to be.  

The cast is spot on perfect.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan should really be a MUCH bigger movie star at this point. Zoe Saldana continues to enchant even when not painted blue by a computer or wearing a Starfleet Uniform and Chris “Captain America” Evans turns in yet another solid entertaining performance.

The best thing about this flick is that you are going to really LIKE these people and want to spend more time with them.  The ending is one of the most refreshingly original you will ever see in this type of film; and thankfully it leaves the door wide open for a sequel that I really hope they make.

If it happens to still be in the theatre near you (i had trouble finding it) you should really go spend that cash you were saving for the A-Team on this instead.


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