Jobu here! Just back from the Manhattan Splice screening ( Good god the city is awesome during the summer! Girls! Girls! Girls! ). Thanks NYC Comic Con!

I have a few comments.

Calmixx however; is still sitting in stunned silence.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna totally break down the story… but I will note a few things to give you the general . . . flavor.

The movie itself is very cool if only for the fact that it’s ACTUALLY A NEW IDEA and not some kind of remake or reboot or re-imagining…

I’m convinced David Cronenberg locked Vincenzo Natali in a closet and directed this himself. Producer Guillermo del Toro’s signature creature style is on hand throughout but the troubling aspect is that at times the effects looks amazing and at other times it seems like a low budget horror flick.

I understand that this movie spent some time in development hell and then got a big injection of cash from Warner Brothers, which would explain the touch up work on some of the effects afterward causing the uneveness..

At it’s foundation the movie has a very classic sci-fi\horror, mad scientist feel. Yes, in many ways this is what Species, should have been! “Hot alien to Grotesque monster” dosen’t work as well as “Petrie dish creation to runway model with a five foot tail” Uh, yeah this is were it starts getting weird. You’ll see.

So this little hairless rabbit\tauntan starts walking around, and Sarah Polley looks cute like most chicks do when they find baby creatures. Adrien Brody swings and misses in an attempt to stop it’s pulse, and I’m wondering… Where’s the shotgun?

Teen splice is being treated like the experiment she is … somewhat. Sarah, and Adrien are proving book smart dosen’t equal street smart or common sense smart.

She’s all grown up now!

Ok, now it get’s weird. Really weird! Adrien and Sarah get “behavior transplants” or something else that casues them to do the EXACT worse thing in EVERY situation.

Adrien seemed a bit out of place from here on out, but has a scene that gets the “Yeah, THAT REALLY just happened award.” for things I can’t believe I saw but cannot “UN-SEE”

Sarah on the other hand, turns into a sort of “maternal” monster herself . . . Splice is now strutting around like a runway model. Pretty impressive considering her legs go in more directions than a road map. The ending gets another “Yeah, THAT REALLY just happened award.”

The character dynamics in the movie are bizarre, but extremley interesting. Honorable mention to Simona Maicanescu. She plays the Pharmaceutical Laboratory director. She is almost as creepy as the monster itself. Hell, the whole movie is creepy!

I don’t know how this is gonna go over with audiences, the packed house we saw it with seemed like they didn’t know what to make of it and the mood was often downright “uncomfortable”.

This is not a bad movie by any means,  It’s just very . . . weird.

And not Terry Gilliam weird.


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