The 60’s were an odd time.

Marvel Comics was fortunate enough to have several of their comic book properties turned into moderately successful television cartoons.  They were mostly very simplistic animation that recycled shots as often as possible and told simple linear stories with no regard for continuity.  This post is not about the actual cartoons. This post is about the the theme songs that were composed for each character and how incredibly…odd they all were.

First up is the Amazing Spiderman himself.  To further emphasize that this post is NOT about the animation, I am using this Youtube video of the Spiderman theme song juxtaposed with footage from the Sam Raimi Spiderman films.

Pretty cool right?  No doubt you have heard that one before as it is one of the most iconic theme songs ever written for an animated show.  Keep reading on the other side to see how very…  strange it gets from there.Next up is the Patriotic Prince of Published Pulp fiction (I’ve been reading a lot of Stan Lee’s twitter feed lately).  The Captain America theme song uses the same type of structure as the Spiderman theme focusing on his mission statement as a mighty defender of America.  Listen for yourself;

Fair enough. Kinda cornball, but no harm no foul-it’s Captain America for Pete’s sake, not much they could do that WOULDN’T come off like an anthem  I guess.

Next up is Marvel’s current box office champ – The Invincible Iron Man !

“The cool exec with the heart of Steel.” Ummm. Okay. That’s a little odder than the others but it was an odd time I guess. Let’s move on.

Bruce Banner gets a song as well I give you;  The Green Goliath of Gamma Gassed. . . ahhh ummm . . .  here’s the Incredible Hulk.

“Unglamorous?” What in the holy hell is going on in this song – it’s THE HULK for the love of Christ ! He is not LOVEABLE…hmm.

Next up, Thor;

If you could see me right now, you would see that my mouth is hanging open at the mental imagery of the GOD OF THUNDER strolling across “The Rainbow Bridge of Asgard” no doubt headed for San Francisco.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Speaking of homo-erotic Superhero cartoon themes:


Sigh. I always thought that Submariner sucked anyway to be honest about it.

Not content to write insane songs about just ONE superhero anymore, the same production team recorded the following “jingle” as a sort of “Club theme” for all the “cool kids” who were “making theirs Marvel.”

Wow. Just wow.  I reached out to Stan Lee to ask if he had any comments that he wanted to add to this post but he advised that he was very busy lining up a cameo in a commercial for Turtle Wax so he had to pass.

Special thanks to all the folks who put this stuff on You Tube so that I would be spared from having to do any ACTUAL work on this.


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