Was Political Giant Killed by his Freakishly Large Wife?

Former California Governor Candidate Gary Coleman

Sorry if I’m a tad late with this but apparently famous politician Gary Coleman died recently. You’ll recall that he competed in “Bizarro World” for the Governorship of California but lost to the Terminator. I am not cerrtain if he ever ran for office again but it was brought to my attention that he later married a giant. Seriously – I’ve seen some pics of them together. She must be like 15 feet tall. Just an odd sight to behold. I’ve seen some talk on the internets that there is speculation she may have had a hand in his death. While I certainly would have no evidence to support that; I think it’s important to note that historically GIANTS are easilly angered and get mad when you take their pie.

Apparently Mr. Coleman climbed a mean Beanstalk during his time on Earth..

I mean look at her – that right there is a woman who obviously is not going to take any “guff” from a normal sized human.

I’m not making light of his passing; I am just shocked that people as big as her are allowed in our country. What if a passing plane were to smash into her? What if she got tangled in electrical cables? What if she grabbed Jessica Lange and climbed up the outside of a sky skyscraper? What THEN?

I feel badly for Mr. Coleman’s family and wish them all the best while they make fools of themselves fighting over the crumbs he left on Earth . . . I mean while they handle this difficult time with dignity and class. I’ll leave you with this photo of Star Wars Pancakes because I really believe it’s what Gary would have wanted.


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