Theres Blood on the Cover of Rolling Stone

The stars of True Blood are on the cover of next month’s Rolling Stone.

Having never seen the show, I can tell from this picture that it is probably destined to play on forever in syndication on the ABC Family Channel Network.

Then parent company Disney will make a True Blood themed “world” in Florida where you can stay in a hotel and wait to see which one of your family members is brutally murdered by social deviants.  Or something.

In all seriousness, I have never watched this show but I did enjoy the first two books. After that they seem to get involved with Vampire Government and I just couldn’t get through them.  Anybody have a strong opinion either way –  share it in the comments.


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2 Responses to Theres Blood on the Cover of Rolling Stone

  1. KateOmega says:

    I think the cover is great. Hopefully it will tempt some adults away from Twilight to more age appropriate vampire viewing. I’d rather watch the saucy exploits of Snookie and co. then sit through four movies of Bella and Edward staring longinly at each other.

  2. JT says:

    The first season was fantastic, one that I will probably purchase on DVD if/when it drops to the $10-15 range.

    The second season was total garbage.

    The third season is better than the second, but still nowhere near as good as the first. I was ready to abandon ship if they hadn’t improved on the second season, but I’ll be sticking around a bit longer.

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