Look Up In The Sky !

Wow.  If you needed a reason to feel patriotic today you have found it here at Geekpropaganda.com

It’s Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl in the 10th season of Smallville.

I for one would be more than happy to toss myself in front of a train or give Lex Luthor the finger if you could guarantee me that the outcome would be a rescue from Supe’s Cousin from Krypton.

To be honest I don’t watch Smallville.  I do however have every season except the current one on DVD so when the last one airs and they release season 10 I’m going to take a week off from writing here and watch every episode in order.

There exsists the possibility that I will be watching some of the Supergirl episodes twice.


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Calmixx is the Pseudonym of New York Artist/Writer Brian Mc- - HEY wait a minute. Why have a cool Pseudonym if you're just gonna tell people it's a Pseudonym? Yeah you can just call me Calmixx for now. Maybe if we have a third date I'll give up the last name but not without dinner. Check out my silly little blog and let me know what you think. Because I care. I really do. Really. Honest. Sorta.
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