Having a Press Pass does not mean you are not an Asshole.

I saw something today at Big Apple Comic Con that really irritated me.

The Suicide Girls were there with a great big booth selling books and prints and all sorts of varieties of their merchandise. If you don’t know who or what they are look it up on Google. I’d explain it or link to it from here myself but this ain’t really that kind of party.   To make a  long story short, the booth is staffed by about 6 young women who represent the Suicide Girls organization.  I am not sure how appropriate it is to have them at a show being marketed as a family event; but whatever – I have no interest in having that argument here.

What pissed me off was that as I walked past their booth with Brother Jobu, there was a man standing there arguing about something with the women working the booth. He was about 45 or so wearing a “Member’s Only” looking jacket and his posture set my Spidey Sense off big time.   I stepped up to the booth next to him to hear what the issue was and to ensure that everybody was Coolio.

MEMBER’S ONLY DUDE:  Well I have to ask because it’s my job, why do you call it that?

SUICIDE GIRL: Because that’s the name of the website.

MEMBER’S ONLY DUDE: Don’t you think that name is just for shock value? I have to ask – that’s my job.

SUICIDE GIRL: It’s just the name sir; I think it’s from a book.

MEMBER’S ONLY DUDE: But why would you want to be associated with that word? Don’t you have an answer? I’m sorry but I have to ask, it’s my job.

This went on and on and on for at least five minutes with the guy leaning over the table and trying to assert his inner “Lois Lane” or something.

He was actually getting turned on by his smarmy little game of pretend journalism.  You could tell because the women were getting uncomfortable. You could tell because he was starting to grin like some creepy  Cheshire Cat from ear to ear as he asked the same stupid question over and over.

A question that he could have had an answer to with one simple Google Search. “Why are they called Suicide Girls?”

Origin of the name

The term “suicide girl” is used by Fight Club author and Portland resident Chuck Palahniuk, in his novel Survivor (1999) : “It’s the same with these suicide girls calling me up.

So you tell ME, what kind of idiot moron “reporter” brings that kind of shit to a person working the convention booth?
When you COVER a Comic Book Convention, your job is to COVER what happens AT THE CONVENTION; not debate the participants about whether or not their name is meant to cause SHOCK.   I’m happy to report that it became very obvious that me and Jobu were not needed as the Suicide Girls are more than capable of taking care of their own without any intervention.

Still; the guy was a douche bag.  I wish I thought to ask him who he was pretending to work for.


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