Sue! Sue! Sue!

In the past three days I have been inundated with emails from concerned folk telling me that Xbox Arcade has stolen Unhappy Smiley Face Man and turned him into a muscle bound video game character.

I would like to thank you all for your concern and assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.  Captain Smiley is NOT Unhappy Smiley Face Man.  Not at all. Not even a little bit.  So rest assured we harbor no ill will toward the makers of that silly little game and invite you all to download the first three issues of Unhappy Smiley Face Man.  Book Fore is coming. Honest.  I promise to finish it right after NYC Comic Con.

Book One (Handwritten, unedited edition)

Book Two

Book Three (d)


About calmixx

Calmixx is the Pseudonym of New York Artist/Writer Brian Mc- - HEY wait a minute. Why have a cool Pseudonym if you're just gonna tell people it's a Pseudonym? Yeah you can just call me Calmixx for now. Maybe if we have a third date I'll give up the last name but not without dinner. Check out my silly little blog and let me know what you think. Because I care. I really do. Really. Honest. Sorta.
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