THQ’s Marvel Superhero Squad goes back to the Drawing Board and tries again…

Last year I raced to Gamestop and bought my daughter the Marvel Superhero Squad Game the day it came out.

She hadn’t asked for it and didn’t want it, but she likes the Lego Star Wars games and the Nintendo Mario titles and I was hopeful that it would be a doorway to foster a love of Superheroes before I totally lose her to glittery vampires and the Jonas Brothers.

She thought the characters looked adorable on the box and as she did that “OH MY GOD – HOW CUTE!” thing that nine year old girls do when they really like something, I was getting confident that this was going to be the bait that kept us out of “Claires Accessories for Girls” a little longer and maybe even pointed her toward some Cartoon Network action . . .

Then she played the game.

What a piece of crap. Essentially in that first game, you control NOTHING. Point your character to the left and it goes wherever it wants or no where at all. Press a button and sometimes it does something but often not what you thought it would. I was annoyed that I spent Forty bucks on it; but I was PISSED that it had sent my kid running in the opposite direction of the house of Marvel toward the likes of The Vampire Diaries and other nonsense I am incapable of understanding without some severe lifestyle changes I am unwilling to commit to.  We almost had her – and that damn game scared her off.

All of this felt like a fresh wound when I met with THQ on Saturday at NYC Comic Con.  I was invited to meet with the developer to get a sneak preview of their all new follow up title:

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

The developer who met with me set up the storyline; essentially the Infinity Gauntlet saga revamped to be accessible to children and casual gaming fun for adults.  I was skeptical. I have been burned by this Super Hero Squad nonsense before so I listened but to be honest I didn’t believe him.

Sure it LOOKED cool and fun and all, but I was confident that the minute I took the controls and flew Tony Stark around the screen it was going to be suck city.

Then he let me play it. I was so very wrong. If only THIS game had been the one I brought home to my daughter. She would probably STILL be playing it instead of joining Team Jacob and reading poetry in a grave yard at night.

In all seriousness – this thing is FUN. It’s VERY similar to the LEGO games in that the two player experience is drop in/drop out at any time and the characters have different classes that unlock different abilities and change the gameplay depending on who you have chosen.

The two levels I saw were actually pretty diverse too. Funny and just challenging enough for the kids (and their parents) to get by without being frustrated or bored.

The game drops on November 16th for Xbox360,  PS3, Wii, and Nintendo DS.  I’m going to pick it up and try as hard as I can to pry my little tween away from the supernatural Emo Universe long enough to see if she’ll help me save the Marvel one.


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