NYC Comic Con Premieres Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

The fruits of Disney acquiring Marvel are starting to get ripe around here.  I had the good fortune to attend the Avengers-Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Screening at NYC Comic Con last weekend and of the many upcoming projects I saw; this is the one that has me most hopeful for the marriage  of the House of ideas and the House of Mouse.

If there is one thing you have to admit Disney knows how to do; it’s animation. Even the Marvel Superhero Squad Show which I absolutely loathe is at least well animated.  The quality of the art, voice acting and fluid motion in the two part pilot episode of the brand new Avenger’s cartoon I saw was excellent.  The writing was really fun; not childish at all, but not too hardcore for the kids – a nice even balance,  and if the live action Avengers Movie (which is practically going to film in my freaking backyard!) can portray the Hulk as well as this cartoon does – we are in for a real treat.  The big Green guy almost got a standing ovation from the crowd at the Javit’s center.  It was also interesting to see that they have created a sort of Nick Fury hybrid.  He is both the classic design AND the Sam Jackson inspired Ultimates version. Wait until you see . . .  The show premieres on the Disney XD Network, Wednesday October 20th but you can see several Micro Episodes on their website now

You can also see one here…


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