May the Force Fly Out of the Screen Toward You.

Unless you have been incarcerated & are just now being released from Arkham Asylum, there’s no way you missed the controversial news that the entire Star Wars franchise is going to be re-released in glorified 3D come 2012.
Every fan has a opinion and now it is time for Darilyn Tiberius Skywalker to expose her take on the situation!
Let me preface this by saying that I’m very young.
“How young?”
Young enough that I wasn’t even close to being conceived when the original trilogy was in theaters.
THAT young.
Now, after  years of watching Star Wars marathons on Spike TV via a Smurf sized television  & watching my dvds on a slightly larger but still “Hobbit sized” screen, I finally get my chance at cinematic redemption.
A chance to see the entire franchise in theaters.
Not only will us slightly younger fans finally get to see ALL six films in theaters;  fans even younger than I will have their first courting with Star Wars through this amazing opportunity.
See, what most NAY SAYERS don’t seem to comprehend is that this will expose an entirely new generation to Star Wars.
And as fans, isn’t that what we want? To keep the memory of Star Wars alive through our youth?
My great hope is that Star Wars could be the film that FINALLY breaks the  trend of  “crappy 3D films”.  Let’s be honest, recent 3D films have been pretty misleading.
You go in with the hope of having every little object thrown at your face and you leave having only seen two rusty swords and a one-eyed hawk barely even graze the boundaries of the second dimension – let alone explode out the third.
I personally believe most films are using 3D as a greedy box office inflation tool. They market their 3D film as if you’ll watch it and come out needing heart medication due to all the sudden objects that bust through the screen trying to steal your popcorn. But what you really need at  the end is a refund for those overpriced glasses that you don’t even get to keep!
(Shhhhh! Don’t tell, but I kept a pair.)
Where I’m from, if a movie is released in 3D then that’s it. You can’t pay a cheaper price to see it in 2D.
It’s 3D or go home and give your Grandmother a sponge bath.
Every Star Wars film is full of eye-popping 3D opportunities and I hope they milk every scene with something unexpected & visually beautiful.
George Lucas has never let us down before & I truly believe that he won’t let us down this time.
It may just be indigestion, but I have a strong gut feeling that Lucas is going to give us something that will forever change our lives.
Uh oh – maybe it was just a stomach thing…
Star Wars in 3D will be legendary!!!!!

About Darilyn Tiberius Skywalker

Who is Darilyn Tiberius Skywalker? A strange young female geek who more than likely arrived on this planet via spaceship to study the creatures most commonly known as 'humans'. When she's not gathering data she is PWNING all those who dare to challenge her superior gaming skills. She is here to make you smile & secretly transmit your thoughts back to her headquarters. So until the Mothership is ready to beam her home, she's here geeking out as a writer for Geek Enjoy her articles or else she'll send a swarm of disco dancing aliens to continuously boogie out in your dreams for all of eternity. And trust me. You don't want that.
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