The Force Unhinged

Is anyone at Lucasarts who worked on this game familiar with Star Wars?  I mean they obviously understand what a lightsaber is, and they get that a Jedi can use the force to confuse their enemies, they also understand that Stormtrooopers cannot hit the broad side of a barn with a blaster so that’s all well and good, but there is a moment in The Force Unleashed 2 that  astounds me with it’s foolishness.  I imagine it must have been conceived the day Uncle George visited the production offices because it smells just like his brand of plot device.

It’s not bad enough that your character decides to go to Dagobah essentially on a whim. Forget that Dagobah is supposed to be some hidden, forgotten world, the sort of place a small frog like Jedi Muppet would chose to go into exile.  It’s not bad enough that your character just UP and FLIES to Dagobah to “figure out what he is supposed to do next”.  That is not STUPID enough apparently because when you arrive on said jungle planet in your Imperial Space Craft and your black jump suit, the Jedi Muppet is just sorta “hanging out” in front of the “Dark Force Tree.”  He is not surprised or phased one iota. He’s just like: “Welcome to Dagobah. Go in the tree to figure out what next you should do. Be sure and hit the gift shop on the way out you should.” So you go in the tree, yada yada yoda, one cut scene later you are on your way.

And that is the extent that Yoda is in the Force Unleashed 2.  Remember the trailer with Yoda from E3?  Well I hope you enjoyed it because that is the whole of his involvement here.

Sucktacular.  And not for nothing, but I’ve had this game for like twenty five minutes and I’ve finished it. What the holy F is up with that?

Death Trooper Bust by Gentle Giant Studios

I’ll make a deal with you Lucasarts . . . give me a Death Trooper Level with a horde of Zombie  Stormtroopers hunting me on an abandoned Star Cruiser as Downloadable content and I’ll forgive your misuse of Yoda.

As for Boba Fett however…


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