It’s Back!

Get ready for the return of the McRib sandwich at McDonald’s starting today.  The limited-edition run lasts for four weeks only.

The McRib is a processed pork patty shaped like a rib cage, slathered in barbecue sauce and topped with onions and pickles.

The McRib debuted in 1982 to the delight of pork lovers, but by 1990 interest had waned. McDonald’s removed the sandwich from the full-time menu, instead offering it sporadically as a specialty item at restaurants across the country.

Stop surfing the internet now and go out and get one of these delicious sandwiches before its too late.


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Krozzbow's ideal job is one that incorporates both his eternal love of video games and never having to listen to someone tell him what to do in life. He can type 45 WPM on his iPhone's virtual keyboard. He is passionate about new technology and he will give you a piece of mind on whatever gadget you lay in front of him. Basically, he is "that guy" who is always ready and willing to talk tech with anyone that will listen and fortunately for the readers here, most of his friends and family are all tech talked out.
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One Response to It’s Back!

  1. calmixx says:

    I am not eating that.

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