Austrailian Girls are Much Tougher than You

A week ago yesterday Elyse Frankcom was leading a group of tourists on a snorkeling expedition off the coast of western Australia when a 12 foot long Tiger Shark decided that she looked delicious.  A quick thinking member of the tour group rescued her by grabbing the shark’s tail and giving it a firm talking to before managing to discourage it from causing further damage to the 19 year old.  A week later – ONE WEEK LATER, Ms. Frankcom is confidently looking forward to getting back in the ocean and returning to her job.  A week after she was BIT BY A FREAKING SHARK!

In 1993 I was bit by a rather large Mosquito and to this day, each time I step outside my house my heart races a little.

You know ever since Roy Scheider died sharks have been far too confident . . .


About calmixx

Calmixx is the Pseudonym of New York Artist/Writer Brian Mc- - HEY wait a minute. Why have a cool Pseudonym if you're just gonna tell people it's a Pseudonym? Yeah you can just call me Calmixx for now. Maybe if we have a third date I'll give up the last name but not without dinner. Check out my silly little blog and let me know what you think. Because I care. I really do. Really. Honest. Sorta.
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