DC Direct Animated Shazam feels like authentic Anime

It was not easy to stop myself from saying that this was “Marvelous” in the headline up there. Get it?

Captain Marvel….Marvelous? Yeah I know; lame.  I have to be honest with you I had almost NO interest in this, but from the second it started with the live action pan through a comic book store, scanning past readers and titles until centering on the cover of a Superman: Shazam comic and transporting us into the action ala the 1980’s Creepshow movie it was obvious that this was something different.  It’s only 23 minutes long, but in that 23 minutes we get a fast paced origin of Captain Marvel, meet his arch nemesis and quickly grow to hate him, see Supes get his butt handed to him twice, watch Billy Batson/Captain Marvel come to terms with what it means to be a hero and finally if not predictably save the day. We also meet a talking tiger.  Good times.  Of all the animated releases they have done to date, this one feels the most like an authentic Japanese Anime both in art style and pace. It’s definitely worth checking out.  The DVD also includes the Jonah Hex, Spectre and Green Arrow shorts from earlier DC Direct releases.


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One Response to DC Direct Animated Shazam feels like authentic Anime

  1. Comatoast says:

    Shazam > Superman, if not for the effeminate sash.

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