Hugh Jackman will be THE WOLVERINE

It’s being reported online by sources that are rarely mistaken about such things that the title of the upcoming Darren Aronofsky Wolverine movie will be “THE WOLVERINE” and that it will be a stand alone Wolverine title unrelated to X-men or the Wolverine prequel by Gavin Hood. It will however star Hugh Jackman as Logan. This is pretty cool. If you think about it, this happens in comics all the time. An established artist will often work with different writers on stories outside of what’s considered “canon”. In this case, we have Jackman as Wolverine instead of a drawing. Maybe this is the way to go forward with a LOT of these properties. Punisher Warzone had almost NOTHING to do with the original Thomas Jane flick and even less to do with the Dolph Ludgren movie yet all have their own fan base (except the Dolph Ludgren one). Thinking about comic book movies in this way makes it perfectly acceptable that Chris Evans is the Human Torch AND Captain America and Ryan Reynolds can be Deadpool AND the Green Lantern; if Jim Lee drew them all they would have the same face anyway.  I like this move for the new Wolverine movie; and Comic book properties in general.

What do YOU think?


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One Response to Hugh Jackman will be THE WOLVERINE

  1. Comatoast says:

    Wolverine-Year One. Love it. That movie sucked. They should get John Byrne on board.

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