You Better Get Ready for New-Gen: Part Two

Raw Energy and Blind Faith. Of all the tools you can have at your disposal when starting a business,  very few are as valuable or will return as many dividends as these.  They are powerfully infectious, extremely hard to extinguish and capable of turning the most jaded cynic into a “Kool Aid chugging fanboy”.  When Jobu and I stepped into the Greenwich Village Studio of APNG Enterprises, I was dumb struck by the absolute abundance of Raw Energy and Blind Faith the family behind New-Gen have at their disposal.Not content to simply produce a comic book, JD Matonti, his brother Chris and their mother Julia Coppola recognized early on in the creative process that their tale of dueling scientists fighting to control the fate of the universe across several dimensions was actually a viable intellectual property to span several mediums as well.  Rather than tell their tale in a comic book and then tell it again in a movie and yet again in a television cartoon series; they would split the property into separate sections with each able to stand alone as an entity without the others.  When combined the sum of their parts make up an entire universe of content that they have painstakingly mapped out.  By building the frame of their universe with an eye toward this kind of convergence, they were able to design a world deep with character and fantasy elements, wrought with the drama and adventure required to support a smart Sci Fi franchise, but with “built in” appeal for investors smart enough to recognize the possibilities of their multimedia approach.  Parts of the story play like an otherworldly X-Files, while others could easily make the jump to a respectable X-Box or Playstation RPG title.  Their passion made it possible to attract the likes of Mark Hamill to lend his voice to an animatic produced to show off their intentions.  By carefully holding editorial control of their tale and producing it independently, they were able to convince publishing giant Marvel Comics that New-Gen was a property they would best be involved with early.  Marvel distributed the first six issues of the popular series both in print AND online as part of the imprint, exposing their concept to a generation of readers hungry for something new.

NEXT: Who are these people anyway? And why did they slam the door on us?

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