You better get ready for New-Gen Part Three: New-GENAPALOOZA

While we have made it no secret that we are fans of New-Gen, we
haven’t really devoted any post time to telling you what it actually is.  It’s about time we rectified that.
With no further ado; we present: NEW-GENAPALOOZA. A celebration of all things New-Gen (in really annoying Formspring Q&A format.)

Q: You keep talking about New-Gen; What the hell is that?

New-Gen is the story of a Utopian Societies struggle to protect the entire Universe from a terrible weapon of mass multi dimensional destruction that has been unleashed by one of their most gifted scientists in an act of moral corruption.  As a result of his corrupting their very gene pool, the planets children are “infected” by Nano-Technology that changes their DNA structure and gives them powers and abilities unlike any seen before.  The Planet’s leader, Gabriel sends his twin boys to Earth where he hopes they will live a life free of the nano mutation and safe from the now entirely corrupted Scientist.

Q: Is Nanotech like Midichlorians?

Nope.  They actually change the matter they interact with unlike Midichlorians which just suck.

Q: Why does the story seem so familiar?

It definitely borrows from the popular comic book themes of titles like X-men, Fantastic Four, and Superman.  Part of the fun here is in seeing where these vaguely familiar comic book “types” go in this new environment.  Look at it this way, there are only nine different notes, yet moved around in different combination they make up thousands of original songs.

Q: Who is the main character of New-Gen?

Gabriel is the leader of New -Gen and a lot of the story seems to come from his viewpoint, but a good amount of time is spent on the twins growing up on Earth as well.  There is a team of Nontech infected children (including Robo Duck) that Gabriel is training as a Defense team that also get a lot of plot time. 

Q: Is Robo-Duck a Robot built to look like a a duck or a duck with cybernetic parts?

He is a robot that happens to look like a duck. I could not tell you why and it is not explained any further in the book as of yet.  The good news is that it does not make a difference to the story. He’s a Robot Duck. Deal with it. If you want more explanation check out his video blog here.

Q: If Nanobots are so dangerous, why were the scientists experimenting with them in the first place?

Oh give me a break. What kind of goofy question is THAT?  That’s what scientists do! They don’t just spend all day dropping Mentos into Coke bottles you know !

Q: What does ANY of this have to do with Mark Hamill?

Mark Hamill provided the voice of Gabriel for the Animatic that was produced by the New-Gen production team to promote the comics and shop it around to interested investment parties. He ended up becoming a big fan and now Variety has just confirmed that he has actually been signed to play a major role in the New-Gen Live Action Film that has been just been announced.

Q: So the movie will just be a retelling of the comic in Live action?

Nope. While the Comics spend a lot of time in the New-Gen dimension, the film reportedly will focus on Gabriel’s twin sons growing up in NYC with or without Nano-tech Powers. (Hint – “with” 😉 )

Q: Are the twins fraternal or identical?

That’s an odd question. Why would you want to know that? They appear to be identical although one of them wears glasses so that’s odd. Maybe the other one wears contacts. Or maybe the one with glasses is a big Harry Potter fan. Hard to say. I’ll make a few calls and get back to you.

Q: Do the twins know that they are from New-Gen?

Nope. I’m guessing that will be a rather large plot point in the flick.  You know unless the whole thing is about getting to the bottom of the Fraternal vs. Identical need for corrective eye wear, If I had to guess though I’d go with the not knowing they are from New-Gen thing.

Q: Where can I get a copy of New-Gen that has been signed by the creators?

Send your name, mailing address and the name of your favorite New-Gen Character to:  For digital copies of the six issue mini series, download Panelfly from iTunes

Q: Why did JD Matonti close the door to the New-Gen Studio in your face?

For that answer my friends, you will have to read:

“Part 4: Why JD Matonti closed a door in my Face.”


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