That Mel Gibson is crazy with a Battle Mace.

Let me start right off with the following admission; As a rule, I do not like Fantasy RPG Games.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate their artistry or that I’m incapable of navigating the often complex set of circumstances that allow you to actually DO something beyond walk around in the woods and wait for fairies or whatever. I just do not like that sort of thing. I slept through ALL three Lord of the Rings Movies. I know, I know, blasphemy. Rest assured what my Geek Cred  lacks in love for this particular genre is more than made up for with my obsessions over Superheroes and Star Wars (I have BOTH Ewok movies on DVD for the love of Pete!) All of that being said now; I was SHOCKED at how much I really enjoyed playing the new Gaijin Entertainment game BRAVEHEART for iPad. (It really has NOTHING to do with Mel Gibson except that the main character of this game can also deliver a competent right cross.)

The reason I enjoyed it is really pretty simple; it’s fun.  You get to kill a lot of stuff. Thieves, Monsters, Wild Boars, Big ugly Troll dudes. They all attack and you get to swing a big old mace and fire a flaming arrow crossbow and blow stuff up and it’s all rather fast paced. There is a story involved but the fact that I could care less about it did NOT take away from the very satisfying experience of beating the bejesus out of everything in my path. If you LIKE this sort of thing, I’m certain the story would make it even BETTER for you.  The controls are very intuitive and the “wave” based battles are  just challenging enough to avoid getting repetitious and boring.

I am trying to get a download code or two from Gaijin so we can give one away . . . no promises yet but if you want one shoot me an email at and tell me what your least favorite Mel Gibson movie is.  I was going to go with a Lord of the Rings themed thing, but that stuff really just bores the hell out of me. No offense of course.

It’s also available for  iPhone/iPod Touch and there is a lite version to try out there as well.  Two bucks for the smaller versions and three for the HD iPad one.


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