The Holidays begin to grab us with a Kung Fu Grip

It’s the Holiday Season! A time where children try their best to make up for 11 months of suspect mischief in the belief that doing so with the proper amount of angelic charm  will result in glorious presents. A time where parents morph into ninjas with a never ending supply of hiding places and deceptive sleight of  hand to protect one of the most important secret identities in history and conceal all the presents until the big day. A time when it’s appropriate for me to share a childhood memory with you! So grab yourself some Hot Coco, throw on your Superman pjs and get ready to hop into the way back machine with Auntie Darilyn…
I have always been a geek. Growing up the younger padawan to a powerful Jedi brother, I was constantly exposed to Voltron, Power Rangers and Video game cartridges you needed to blow on to operate.  There was a tight schedule of  time slots assigned in our home to decide how long we could each use the Sega Genesis that had been worked out with all the importance of the Geneva convention.
We would constantly fuss over which Matchbox car Spiderman would ride on to save Han Solo from the evil Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. (We had some trippy scenarios going on.) It’s often scary to think that if not for my brother’s existence, I might have never learned of the land of GI JOE and the Transformers . . . or for than matter MOST of the topics that fuel my life’s passions today. It’s funny, even as young as five, I was already mesmerized by the world of super-heroes and villains. Every Christmas my parents (Whoops, I mean SANTA) would leave countless variations of Barbies in the hopes that they would illicit a joyous response when my brother and I popped out of bed on the 25th of December.
From the actual dolls to the vehicles and mansions that went along with them, I was the Mayor of an overpopulated city of plastic. My brother on the other hand was receiving Cobra Assault Soldiers and Tanks that turned into life sized robots with glowing eyes and dangerous projectiles . . . In comparison, Barbie’s  Vette  was poorly outfitted to lead a battalion of Jedi against Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Sadly it looked  like a lump of coal to me. I couldn’t figure out why SANTA was so nice to my brother and practically insulted me every year with a slew of plastic princesses, each identical to one beside them. Don’t misunderstand me; I was ALWAYS very thankful for the gifts, it’s just that if I was going to receive anything at all, couldn’t it be something similar to what my brother was rocking? Thankfully, by the time I turned ten,  ” SANTA” picked up on the fact that I wasn’t your average little girl…
I’m very lucky in that my brother was always open minded and kind enough to allow my imaginary Justice League of Barbies take part in the war to protect our living room from the forces of evil.
I’m pretty sure no other Barbies had the adventures that mine did and I have my insanely amazing brother to thank for that.
Have a GEEKTACULAR Holiday season everyone!

About Darilyn Tiberius Skywalker

Who is Darilyn Tiberius Skywalker? A strange young female geek who more than likely arrived on this planet via spaceship to study the creatures most commonly known as 'humans'. When she's not gathering data she is PWNING all those who dare to challenge her superior gaming skills. She is here to make you smile & secretly transmit your thoughts back to her headquarters. So until the Mothership is ready to beam her home, she's here geeking out as a writer for Geek Enjoy her articles or else she'll send a swarm of disco dancing aliens to continuously boogie out in your dreams for all of eternity. And trust me. You don't want that.
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