iPhone Apps you should have !!!

While you’re sitting around digesting Christmas dinner this weekend, check out these killer Apps for your smart-phone!!!

Dragon Dash

If you haven’t had too much Eggnog, take a few laps with Dragon Dash. The motion controlled iPhone racer is a cute and simple game. Just move the iPhone to make Dash turn , or tap the screen to utilize his special upgrades. Attack multiple tracks and foes, all for the low low price of free!!!

Zombie Highway

Come on!!! It wouldn’t be Christmas without zombies!!! For those of you that haven’t hit your undead killing quotient for the year, you can now take it on the go with this iPhone motion racer/shooter !!! As you drive through the post-apocalyptic landscape, zombies leap onto your vehicle attempting to make you crash. You can defend yourself by swiping other cars, or just bust out the trusty street-sweeper. Mayhem ensues for $0.99.

Cut the Rope Holiday

Om Nom is back!!! Zeptolabs has left a present for all the Cut the Rope fans… A free holiday level!!! Lil dude has found his way to your door lookin for candy canes… You know the drill!!!


About Brother Jobu

Little is officially known about Brother Jobu. Geekpropaganda's research department have found ancient cave, Hieroglyphic, Mayan, and Native American paintings suggesting he has been here for quite sometime. Any government inquires about this entity have been met... With resistance. What we do know is, he loves classic Kung-Fu movies, video games, comic books, Football, and music. His true agenda however... Is yet to be discovered.
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