At least we know she can throw a solid right cross.

Demi Lovato has joined Joss Whedon’s Avengers film.  No word on whether or not this was a condition by Disney, Marvel’s new owner and the distributor of the 2012 Superhero team flick soon to be in production.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I guess I’m cool with it, not that anyone asked me.

If they had asked me it would have went like this:

Hey Calmixx, do you think it’s okay if we put Demi Lovato in the Avengers movie?

Demi Lovato? That kid from Camp Rock? Didn’t she beat up one of the Jonas Brothers?

It was actually one of the back up dancers.

Oh. Well that’s cool too I guess. Tell Joss I’m okay with it.

Will do, thanks.

There. That’s how it would have went.


About calmixx

Calmixx is the Pseudonym of New York Artist/Writer Brian Mc- - HEY wait a minute. Why have a cool Pseudonym if you're just gonna tell people it's a Pseudonym? Yeah you can just call me Calmixx for now. Maybe if we have a third date I'll give up the last name but not without dinner. Check out my silly little blog and let me know what you think. Because I care. I really do. Really. Honest. Sorta.
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One Response to At least we know she can throw a solid right cross.

  1. Kyle says:

    Starting to get a little worried about you Calmixx, all the kids Disney references are a little, how you say……..scary. By the way, what role do you think she will play? A young Wasp maybe…

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