John Cazale was the best actor you never heard of.

John Cazale was never in a movie that was not nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.  Think about that. That’s like the cinematic equivilant of having every one of your pitching starts end up a perfect game.

We usually spend a lot of time here yammering on about Star Wars or Superheroes or Video games and the like, but a conversation I had with my friend (award winning film score writer/musician Vincent Nigro look at me name dropping . . .) led me to seek out more information on the actor who played Fredo in the Godfather.

My search led me to an excellent documentary about the life and career of the seventies actor who was taken from us way too early at age 42 after losing a battle with Lung Cancer.  I won’t go on and on about it here but if you are a fan of the films of the “American Film Renaissance” and enjoy listening to Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Meryl Streep, Steve Buscemi and the like wax poetic about some of the the greatest movies ever made and the actor who is so good in them you hardly even notice you should seek out “I Knew it Was You”.  It’s currently available on HBO on Demand and is an excellent use of forty minutes.

If John Caszale had lived to grow older with his acting God peers do you think he would have eventually ended up in Meet the Fockers?  Not trying to be a smart ass, it’s just an interesting discussion point . . .

I’d write more but I’m going to go watch Dog Day Afternoon again.   You can watch this “highlight reel” of his career created by You Tube user, billysscreeningroom2.


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