New Rule. I will watch ANYTHING with Emma Stone in it.

I had a lot of “waiting around” time today so one of the things I did was catch up on flicks I had sitting around.  Easy A is totally worth your time. Totally. Loved it. Holy crap is Emma Stone funny. Really funny. Epic funny.  The whole time I was watching her I was like, “This girl is ridiculously funny – and smart – and it does not hurt at all that she is hotter than Hell on Sunday.” That’s what I was like. I’ll be honest though – not sure why Hell would be hotter on Sunday than any other day. If anything I might imagine that Hell would be LESS hot on Sunday because of all the counter-devilsh behavior but hey; bottom line here is that I like Emma Stone and I liked Easy AI also liked Zombieland quite a bit and she is in that too.  I also enjoyed True Grit though to be honest it had a severe lack of Emma Stone.  If Emma Stone was in True Grit I would probably vote for it in some meaningless online award poll.  Just the same; it was good. Jeff Bridges is much better in it than anything that happens in Tron 2010 Legacy of the neon Frisbee or whatever the hell that dopey flick is called.  I was going to try and catch Green Hornet but then I realized that Emma Stone’s part in that was being played by some Asian dude so I took a pass. Understand it had nothing to do with NOT wanting to see the Asian guy, it was more that I WANTED to see Emma Stone.  So I saw that she was in Marmaduke so I watched that. THAT was a  mistake. Turns out she just voiced one of the funny talking animals in Marmaduke.  See back there eight words ago where I said funny? Yeah that was just me being polite.  NOTHING about Marmaduke is funny.  Seriously. NOTHING.  The entire premise of Marmaduke being funny is that he is big. That’s the joke. That a Great Dane is large. It’s like laughing about the fact that a Panda is fat. Which reminds me, did you know that they are making a sequel to Kung Fu Panda?  Can someone please explain to me who the hell Jack Black has incriminating pictures of? This dude has not been funny since . . . that flick with John Cusack – the Record store one . . . High Fidelity – eleven years ago – THAT Was the last time Jack Black made me laugh and the thing about that flick was that he was in it in very small doses.   Jack Black is good in VERY small doses.  Hey what the hell happened to John Cusack?  I get the feeling he totally knew that 2012 was a dopey movie but he did it anyway. Let’s be honest about it – 2012 was like Independence Day only not as realistic.  That was sarcasm for those of you who need subtitles.  Did you know Emma Stone was on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody on the Disney channel?  I did not know that. I did however just this second remember that she hosted Saturday Night Live once last year. Hang on while I see if I have that around here someplace……and I’m back.  Nope. No SNL for me. Oh well. I did however come across the below video. If you are on the fence about seeing Easy A you should check it out and then go rent or buy Easy A. I did.  Oh – and if you’re one of them “legal types” who has a problem with the embed below, take it up with 78violetsource over on the You Tube. All I did was find it and link to it.


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One Response to New Rule. I will watch ANYTHING with Emma Stone in it.

  1. Rude says:

    U r so mean . I liked marmaduke

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