Savage Opress Arc Part 2: Swing and a Miss . . .

So after the absolutely “BAD ASS” first part of the three part Savage Opress story arc on Clone Wars I was very excited to see part two.

Other responsibilities kept me from watching it as it aired and so when I was finally able to sit down and watch it Saturday morning I had the full on Sith Warrior Fever.  About three minutes in, I am sad to say the fever broke.

Whatever.  The first part felt like something FRESH.  Assaj Ventress was about to exact revenge on the Sith who betrayed her . . . In part two we are once again reminded that the universe in Star Wars is 12 blocks long and contains 35 people.  “Remember Darth Maul?” one of the Night Sisters asks . . . it all goes down hill from there with Assaj traveling to the planet of the horny warriors to pick her champion as if this were a scene from Roots.  Sigh. None of it made any sense as to WHY the Maul like dudes didn’t tell her to kiss off and instead stage some kind of gladiator style contest to prove who is most worthy to become her pawn.


At the end of the episode, the raging cousin of Maul is delivered to Count Chocula or whatever the hell his name is as a sort of Trojan Sith Horse.  I imagine in part three, Ventress will launch her “Order 66” or something to set the big bad Sith Monster off like a . . . umm . . . off like a . . . oh the hell with it. I can’t think of a clever analogy.  Whatever.  Oh well. Katie Lucas is one for two so far. Come Friday night she can pull ahead if this shows the slightest bit of going anywhere  OTHER than where it seems to be headed.


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