First Rule of Geek Club . . .

Here we go again with the “Organic vs. Invented” web shooters.

It’s like the Marvel equivalent of Han shooting first.

I understand that Stan Lee’s origin had Peter Parker invent the super adhesive web material that he was able to produce in a typical Queens bedroom in the Sixties.  I also fully understand that he then invented a means to fire said web fluid. He did this without a blow torch so far as I am aware.

Word on the street from the lovely Ms. Emma Stone at the 2011 Golden Globes is that in the new Spidey flick, the arachnid boy has mechanical shooters. A “device” if you will.   So there you go.

I prefer organic to be honest. Makes more sense from every angle.  I don’t need my comic book movies to all be “Dark Knight” super – semi realistic adaptions, but I prefer my suspensions of disbelief to be AT least MILDLY believable.  Granted the “teen made” web fluid never bothered me in the comics, but the organic fluid in the Raimi films corrected a problem I wasn’t even aware I had and made the character stronger.  Parker making his own webbing? I don’t dig it. Nope.

Please use the comments to tell me how you disagree.

By the way – I know that picture of Emma Stone is not from the Golden Globes. It’s from the People’s Choice Awards.  If you came here looking for accurate pictures of fashion events you probably wouldn’t care if Spidey’s webs came out his ass like an ACTUAL spider.  In some cases out there you might prefer it.

(Rimshot) Thanks. I’ll be here all week. Tip your waiters…


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