The Psychoslash Comic Column: Week One

GROUND RULES:  I review comic books that interest me, I will try to get you reviews of the latest comics, but please understand I am only one man, and I need time to read and digest the comics I’m going to review. I am also willing to review comics that you recommend, if they interest me or if you can make the case for them yourself.  I hereby swear upon my non copyright infringing mask that I will always be honest about what I review, because nothing makes me more psycho then people reviewing comics and saying they’re great, even though they are a pile of suck.  I will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly; you have my word.  Now that we all understand each other, lets get to the reviews. Normally I will review 3 to 5 comics a week. This week I’m doing 4 and  some a little old, but it’s the first week so back up off me.

The Avengers #8

So far I have been enjoying the new group of Avengers. Nice combination of old  and new faces. The prior story with Kang and the children of the Avengers was a great stepping point, but I wanted something more. This current story line with Red Hulk and the Iluminati is starting off just as I was hoping. With some mysterious person having found two gems last issue, this issue reminds us just how powerful those gems are. This mystery man beating the snot out of the Red Hulk was the perfect reminder. But that is just a taste of the great storyline. The part that makes me more excited is the return of the Iluminati, all be it with a new member. That alone would be enough, but having them come face to face with all forms of the Avengers, and finally Iron Man explaining to Steve Rogers about what the Iluminati is… oh I can’t wait till the next issue. The negative to this comic is the art; it’s not the best. It’s a little too sketchy, literally. I have seen better art, and if the art was a little more up to snuff, this might be the perfect Heroic Age Marvel comic. I would recommend it for story alone though.

The Amazing Spider-man #651

Spider-man has finally gotten to the point that I was hoping he would for the past 2 years. Well not Spider-man exactly, but Peter Parker. For the longest time he has been a grown man, but after losing the memory of his marriage and erasing it from the universe that is Marvel, Parker has been damn near a perpetual slacker/teenager; never growing up. Finally now he seems to have grown up and is making the best of his genius knowledge. His new scientist job, his new very smart girlfriend, and his finally making money off of things he invents for his spider-life -this new storyline is great, plus we get to see a new suit that looks pretty cool, (even though it appears to be a  Tron rip off) What the heck, I think it works. Plus the return of the Hobgoblin and the resurfacing of the badass Kingpin in the Spidey universe should make for some great stories going forward. And lets not forget the beginning of what looks like an insect type war with various bug like villains being shown at the end of the comic, including Mac Gargan returning as Scorpion, which is nice.  Finally, a stepped up inclusion of Black Cat makes the story that much more lucky. This one I would highly recommend.

Brightest Day #17

This ongoing story has been the most perplexing for me. I like certain parts, but there are others that drive me nuts. I’ll use this issue as my perfect point. To start Firestorm being thrown all over the universe in order to protect whatever it is that’s controlling the White Lanterns is interesting, but what’s up with it needing to be protected in the first place? I guess they may give up a good explanation later on, but it’s powerful enough to bring heroes back from the dead, why can’t it defend itself?  Hopefully these issues will be ironed out. Next, I’m really enjoying the Deadman/Boston Brand part of the ongoing series. It shows a man coming back from years of unending wandering while dead, now learning to embrace life, with a hot little Dove by his side…or by his bed. Plus, there is not a reader out there that wasn’t touched by Boston helping his almost forgotten grandfather experience some excitement in life. Finally, the part with Hawkman and Hawkgirl is leaving me very bored and confused. What the heck is this hawk world all about, and why the heck is it so important?  Maybe we will find that out too, but the part with Star Sapphire and the love monster thing was just weird and confusing. They need to get away from this stuff and get back to the Aquaman and Aqualad parts, those have been interesting. If Brightest Day continues on like this, focusing on the wrong stuff, I may have to walk away. I’m giving it one, may two more issues before I make final judgment, but this issue I can’t recommend.

Batman and Robin #19

This title is giving me the most grief. Calmixx may be about the state of the Batman comics. Don’t get me wrong, I love Batman. There have been many great story lines, and I even enjoyed the Return of Bruce Wayne. I was even excited to see how the new dynamic duo would get along, but its really starting to aggravate me. I am a Dick Grayson fan, but recently he is not keeping up to snuff with the Batman mantle. Take this issue as an example, the dynamic duo find “The Absence”(by the way, all these new villains are ridiculous), but instead of cuffing her and moving on after finding out the big scissors were cardboard and Vickie Vale was ok, they wait to be gassed and captured; again might I add. (As a side note, is it me or does it seem like every other issue the dynamic duo is captured? It’s not terribly Batman-esque) Then there is some convoluted story about them being captured being a diversion, and this Una Nemo is working for some other organization. These first couple stories for Batman and Robin have not been up to par, minus the one with Talia Al Ghul. I am recommending that you readers put this one on hold until further notice, and by this I mean a better storyline, better dynamic duo being used to their full capabilities, and villains that actually want to do something to either the dynamic duo or Gotham City. I will let you know when its ok to come back outside on this one.

That’s it for week one. If you have any books you want to see reviewed  call the Geekpropaganda hotline at (347) 433-5211 .  I’ll do my best to get as many of them reviewed as I can. See you next week fair readers.

 (Thrown smoke pellet, and I’m gone.)


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