The Clone Wars: Savage Opress Arc comes to a close tonight.

Lets recap:

Part One: Awesome!

Part Two: Meh.

Part Three: ???

I really want to believe.  I keep reading about how awesome this is.  I felt it a little in part one, I missed it totally in part two but I am still optimistic about the finale.

I’m kind of like the estranged forgotten child of Star Wars.  It keeps letting me down and making me feel bad, but I keep showing up at Thanksgiving thinking we’ll work it out.

It’s about time we had some actual Star Wars product that wasn’t a total let down.

(Aside from the video games of course. Most of those rock.)

Cross your light sabers that tonights episode; Witches of the Mist ends on an AWESOME note.  (Stop laughing at me – It COULD happen . . . sigh)


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