Perfect Couples < Always Sunny in Philadelphia

NBC may have committed a terrible injustice against lovers of television comedy.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the funniest shows to ever grace the airwaves ( but it’s on a basic cable network so ahhh – is airwaves right? Well it’s on satellite too – so yes – airwaves.)  I am not going to try and prove my opinion with examples of it’s superiority over almost every sitcom to ever come before it. You are just going to have to take my word for it and seek it out on the FX Network.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis (third from the left in the above picture) plays the Waitress on Always Sunny and is responsible for some of the shows best moments.  NBC has cast her on on Perfect Couples, a show they seem to think is going to be the second coming of Friends.

Sadly there is but ONE person in the Perfect Couples ensemble who is funny and it ain’t the G4 chick.  Mary Elizabeth Ellis was the only character on this show who was remotely entertaining.  I deeply fear that she will no longer be waiting tables and tormenting her stalker Charlie in Philly.  It makes me sad to think that she would rather be the one good thing about a bad sitcom on NBC instead of one of the best things about a GREAT sitcom on basic cable.

Speaking of sadness; does NO ONE know what to do with Olivia Munn? Really? Her role here as a controlling, uptight, church going, new age newlywed is an unfunny caricature.  The thing about Olivia is that you genuinely LIKE her.  She is funny and totally willing to make fun of herself.  She is like your friends cool little sister.  Having her play a nagging pain in the ass seems to be a a terrible lapse in casting judgment.

Also; there are a few Asian jokes in the pilot episode because apparently Olivia’s character is supposed to be Asian.  They do not work at all because Olivia does not LOOK Asian. I understand that she IS half Asian. I understand this because she TOLD ME. I did not know it until she did. Truth be told I thought she was Native American. In the context of the show these jokes make NO SENSE and fall flat. Just saying.

I will watch this show one more time because I am such a fan of Mary Elizabeth Ellis but after the pilot it’s not something I’m looking forward to at all.


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