Beavis and Butthead to return to MTV – Date a Snookie . . .

Do you like your cartoons sophomoric with a healthy dose of asinine?
Whether you’ve answered yes or whether these words look like satanic ants to you because you’re higher than Dracula that time he went to Woodstock….(He wasn’t purposely trying to get *lifted* but I guess it’s true, you are what you eat..Or in his case, suck)
Either way, you are in luck.
(Uh huh uh huh, I said luck. Uh huh huh, luck rhymes with fu…..)
Beavis And Butthead, everybody’s favorite imbecilic duo are back to harass your television sets later this year.
The news broke around last spring, and as your source of great news that you probably missed out on, it’s our duty to keep you informed and make you the sorta cool guy at the water cooler tomorrow.
I grew up watching Beavis And Butthead, (Special shout-out to my Mom: Thanks for letting me watch naughty TV at such a young age. You ROCK!) so that should explain why I am such a nincompoop today, but let me add, I’m the coolest nincompoop since those two stupid dogs. Remember them? Weren’t they great? I think they’d make perfect pets for Beavis And Butthead.
ANYWAY! Bringing back B&B seems like a great idea to me, but who am I to say what’s great? I think Jersey Shore should be canceled and anyone who ever enjoyed it should be exiled to live in a tanning bed. To a select few it may sound like a brilliant idea, but to the majority of residents sadly sharing this land with us? Let’s just say, anarchy would most definitely occur if this idea of mine was executed.
See? Unlike Mike, I’m no *Judge* on what’s a great idea.  (Fun Fact For The Kids: Mike Judge is the creator of Beavis And Butthead as well as King of the Hill, Office Space and the oddly prophetic Idiocracy.  Now you know,  and sadly knowing is never going to help you with that battle)
When you revive something from entertainment’s graveyard, the crypt keeper isn’t always responsive to the idea… and fifty percent of the time, he’s going to put it right back in the cold dead earth.
In the end, I suppose it depends on us, the viewers and how we respond to the program…..It also depends on where this program is set to air and unfortunately for B&B, they are back on their old stomping grounds. Yes, the “ever so lovely MTV.”
Sure, back in the days of rebellious youth and grunge,  MTV had a sure winner with Beavis And Butthead. But look at where we are now, a time where our youth worships people who are parents before they are even legally old enough to watch Revenge Of The Nerds. The only way B&B stands a chance is if they are colored a flaming shade of orange and listen to music that has about as much rhythm as a maraca without any beads inside it.
In case you weren’t aware, I really dislike MTV. After they canceled Warren The Ape, (Their only good show since the likes of Daria & Celebrity Death Match) I have been on a rampage to stop their vile operation of killing the brain cells of future generations.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be elderly and have some schmuck of a doctor diagnose me with the munchies when in reality I’m dying of lung failure because the air is polluted with hair-gel and stinky designer perfume.
I ramble, but for a good cause, I’m trying to preserve what little bit intelligence we have left.
So there you have it folks,
Beavis And Butthead are coming back, so grab some TP for your bunghole and go vandalize something.
We’ll see how it works out for them and I really do hope it works out well, because they are an awesome duo that I so sincerely adore.
Until then, I graciously appreciate you reading this.
One last thing,
Are you a parent of young children?
If so, DO NOT let those  children watch Beavis And Butthead.  SERIOUSLY, DO NOT. Why? Well, would you want to claim me as your child?  Would you?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Don’t let them use tanning beds either. Those things are creepy.


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