Psychoslash Comic Book Reviews: Week #2

Here we go again Comic Slashers!  New feature announcement! Going forward I’m going rate the comics on a 1-5 scale, (5 being the best.)  I will keep track of this information so I can have mid and year-end numbers about all the reviews.  Sorry it took a little longer then a week, but I wanted to make sure to get the comic that everyone is talking about. Yes, the death in the family comic, no more Fantastic 4, or at least not the one we are now used to.  So without further waiting any longer . . .  lets get into it.

Fantastic Four #587

This comic has been talked about for months now because of the death of a member of the Fantastic Four. That being said, when the preview first came out, I knew it either had to be Thing or Torch because they aren’t going to take away one of the kid’s parents, that would be just too mean, plus the story lines pretty much need the Invisible Women and Mr. Fantastic. Lets start there. The most recent comics have had three very different distinct story lines. Mr. Fantastic in Nu Earth, which was kind of cool, but really not that really all that “fantastic”. While this was going on, Susan Storm was in the great blue sea deal with a war between the two underwater races, with Namor playing the a**hole king that he is. This story was probably the most entertaining because of one simple thing, Namor getting bitch slapped by Susan, then telling her “You really are magnificent”. I guess Namor is into S&M. Finally, the storyline that has everyone in the comic world talking. Human Torch pushing a powerless Ben Grim through the portal, and then staying behind to fight the second annihilation wave all by himself, seemingly dying in the process. Now come on, lets be real here. Johnny Storm went into the center of the wave in order to fight the various creatures, but you don’t see him getting killed, so how do we know he died. I’m sure that this will be Marvel’s way of getting Torch back, you know when they need a fresh storyline. I don’t believe comic deaths anymore. As Calmixx said, “Enjoy the rest Johnny”, see you soon buddy. Overall I give this comic 3 slashes out of 5 because only one of the 3 story lines really made me enjoy the issue. Hail Queen Susan Storm.

Justice League of America #53

This comic has gone through a great change recently, much like most of the DC comics following Blackest Night. With a whole new league, looking a lot like the old Titans, I have to say I was a little worried that this would just be whole new Titans. Thank Stan Lee (my comics god) that this was not the case. This first major story line for the new team has been very interesting; bringing the other earth evil justice league along with Omega Man showing just how able this new league can be. Plus this comic is showing off the best of some of their new members. Seeing Super Girl being a little naughty in the black outfit and seeing Batman being more Batman like is great. I was so thankful that at least one DC comic got it right with the new Batman, because I was getting worried Dick Grayson was being used as a “place holder Batman” until they gave it back to Bruce. For this comic, at least that’s not the case. They used the new Batman in the way that Batman has been great in the past, as a detective that uses his brain to figure out the problem. He’s the leader of this new team, and finally showed it. This comic gets 4 slashes because it may be the best DC title going right now. I hope they keep this kind of story writing going.

New Avengers #8

I have been seriously disappointed in the previous New Avengers issues, because there have been low-level stories at best, and they haven’t really fought against a great villain. The Brother Vodoo storyline was not great, but at least they were able to introduce Doc Strange into the team. This issue started off bad, but got better and better. I was worried with the date night idea with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, but some of the banter was pretty good. Having the Doom Bot interrupt was great, because now they are finally  introducing a villain that I believe is worthy of a team like this. I am very excited to see their fight with Doom, and I can’t wait to see Jessica Jones as Power Woman……Booh Yah…..wait that’s it for the Power Woman name?  Well whatever name she goes by, this is turning into a family business. I give this issue 4 slashes because not only did they get the great villain involved, but it’s got great Spider-man banter and that’s always worth a buy.

Brightest Day #18

I know I reviewed Brightest Day last week, but it is a major comic and I’m trying to give a couple more chances. This weeks issue was better then the last one, mostly because it finished the damn “Hawk” saga. The whole love story and love beast is finally done, and not only that, but we are starting to see that there is more to the white lantern power. I really like the white lantern power because at the end of the story, it got rid of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. If their dead, good-bye and good luck. Lets get to the better storylines like Boston Brand and Aquaman. With the white lantern mission becoming more and more complete, the emphasis will be stuck more on the more interesting stories. I also like in this story how Boston is now seeing the power of the white lantern, and he’s scared of it. He doesn’t understand it, but he is scared it will do something that even he can’t imagine. I can’t wait to see these other stories unfold, so this comic gets yet another chance from me. I give it 3 slashes, with the hope of continued improvement.

Invincible Iron Man #33

This is my final review of the week. I have to admit that this has been my favorite comic series by Marvel since the start of the Heroic Age. This issue did not let me down. Tony Stark’s road to redemption continues, and that road is going to be covered with repulsor power cars. The new armor is badass, and seeing the combination of some of Stark’s most formidable villains in future issues is going to keep this comic coming fast and furious. The return of the man with the ten rings is going to make for a lot of interesting  issues, and Stane being released from jail is awesome. Let the royal rumble with Iron Man begin. I give this issue 4 slashes, and hope to give my first full 5 with the next issue. Issue #500 here I come.

See you next week dear readers.  (Smoke pellet and I’m gone)


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