Warner Brothers is Planning to Take a Stand.

About fifteen years ago I was home with a wicked cold and decided to spend the down time reading Stephen King’s THE STAND.

If you are at all familiar with his tale of a plague that brings about the  end of days, you can imagine how much more creepy the story is if you’re full of mucus and sniffling your way through thew whole thing.

Once I started the book I was unable to stop and after a  full non-stop read-athon of a little more than 24 hours I had coughed my way through the end of the world and become a life long fan of Mr. King.

Sure some of his other works are weaker and a few are actually stronger, but THE STAND is my favorite book of all time because of it’s heart and truth.  There is both incredible good and unspeakable evil in the world and if man is to survive, he must face down that evil no matter the cost.

Warner Brother’s is adapting the book into a new movie. No talk of directors or casting as of yet. There was a very competent miniseries done a while back that plays on the SYFY Channel every once and a while and a recent Marvel Comics adaption that was a pretty interesting take.

I’m kinda looking forward to this.  If you haven’t read it do yourself a favor and set aside some time.  It’s very long but very worthwhile.


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