Boom Chicka Wah Wah!!!

With years of footage from its inception in 1966, Dunlop and Guard House Pictures will release the documentary Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks the World, this month!!! The Wah Wah is arguably the most recognized guitar effects pedal ever created. The instantly recognizable sound is one, no matter your taste in music will agree; that is pure AWESOME!!! From Blues to Rock or Funk to Metal, the most noted guitarists in the universe have rocked the Cry Baby!!! Put this on your must watch list if you’re a music fan.


About Brother Jobu

Little is officially known about Brother Jobu. Geekpropaganda's research department have found ancient cave, Hieroglyphic, Mayan, and Native American paintings suggesting he has been here for quite sometime. Any government inquires about this entity have been met... With resistance. What we do know is, he loves classic Kung-Fu movies, video games, comic books, Football, and music. His true agenda however... Is yet to be discovered.
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