Costume thoughts on the First Avenger

The following may contain possible spoilers so if you are trying to avoid such consider yourself warned.

What we know . . .

Takes place during World War 2 but the Nazis seem to have been replaced by Hydra agents at least as far as The Red Skull’s forces are concerned.  The flick is going to have present day “book ends”, possibly with Nick Fury and company thawing out the First Avenger and offering him a spot on their team.

This got me wondering about the way Captain America is going to look in the Avengers movie. Rumor has it that after being transformed into a super soldier, he enlists Howard Stark to help him make his 1940’s era costume and shield. I wonder if he’ll ask the same of Tony Stark when he decides to join the Avengers in 2012.  The costume for the Captain America movie is awesome but it is real dated as a WW2 based uniform. I’m starting to wonder if we’re not going to see a more modern take on the threads in the Avengers flick.  I can’t imagine Nick Fury would want his team in the field without the most up to date gear available.  It would certainly give them more action figure possibilities and we all know how important that can be to a big studio tent pole event like this.



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