Geekpropaganda Exclusive! 1st Avengers Movie Set Visit!

Back in October it was announced that Disney/Marvel’s Avengers movie would be occupying all seven sound stages at New York’s Grumman Studios in Bethpage.

This location is literally seconds away from Geekpropaganda headquarters.

Today, Brother Jobu and I ventured out to the studio to see what’s been going on there since the big announcement.

I don’t want to brag but it’s a pretty big deal for us to present this “world exclusive” very first visit (by ANY MEDIA OUTLET!)  to the set of The Avengers. Enjoy!

Here is the view from our approach.  The big red ball on top of the building almost brings to mind the old Warner Brothers Water Tower no?

A closer look at the ball. I can’t really put into words the excitement we were feeling at this point.

This is the security booth at the main gate.  I was ready to do some fancy “Jedi Mind tricks” to get us past the guards but they seemed to have been on a lunch break or something and had left the door open. I guess when the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes work in your building you don’t really have to be concerned about security. Right?

Here is the main entrance to the Studio.  Once filming starts, JJ Abrams, Robert Downey Jr.,  Sam Jackson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Clark Gregg as well as CGI Mark Ruffalo will walk up these steps to get inside.

Here is the sign outside Sound Stage #1.  It is called “Stage One” as it is the first sound stage at the Studio.

That piece of machinery is used on the lot to move snow.  We were surprised to see that the snow was actual “frozen water snow” and not “movie magic snow”. Wild times kids. Wild.

This is the sign outside Sound Stage #6. It is called “Stage Six” because it is numerically the 6th sound stage on the lot.  Sometimes the way they do stuff in the movies is downright logical.

This is an F-14 Tomcat.  Apparently movie folks get to fly jets to work and just park them wherever they like; or maybe this is going to be retro-fitted into a piece of Stark Enterprises Tech; or maybe General Ross is going to chase CGI Mark Ruffalo in this jet; or maybe it’s like Brother Jobu suggested and it’s there because the landGrumman Studios was built on actually used to be used to build F-14 aircrafts for the Military.

So there you go folks – the very first Avengers set visit by ANY MEDIA OUTLET. Kablamm!

Take THAT Ain’t it Cool News! 😉


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3 Responses to Geekpropaganda Exclusive! 1st Avengers Movie Set Visit!

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  2. Tyler says:

    Hey, how does one visit the set? I would like to drive up to New Mexico if I had a chance to see it being shot.

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