Psychoslash Comic Reviews: Week 4

Hey Readers !  Get ready for another exciting installment of “Psychoslash’s comic Reviews”.  When we last left our hero, he was trying to figure out if DC will ever get Batman right in the Batman and Robin Series.  Guess what?  They still haven’t.


On to the reviews.

Batman and Robin: Issue 20

Ok, much like the introduction said I’m still having a tough time with the Batman and Robin books. Yet I keep coming back, hoping that someone out there will figure out how to make Batman good again. This issue started to show promise, at Wayne Manor, all the Bat family so to speak (I know its missing a couple of people, but it’s the original Batman with most of his Robins,( where are you Jason Todd? You’re missing the movie!) get together to watch the movie that might have been the last happy moment in Bruce Wayne’s life. A nice piece of heart tugging here, but then where does it go? Nowhere. It abruptly goes to Batman and Robin blindfolding some bad guys, then getting into the limo with Alfred………what happened to the damn Batmobile that flies and moves faster then any other car. Why can’t they use THAT to get them to Alfred, and THEN change into their evening wear. No, they would rather have the possibility of giving up their secret identity. It makes no sense, please make it stop. After slamming my head against the wall, I finished the issue that included a guy dressed like an angel falling to his death, then a lot, and I mean a lot of boring detective work. Then it ends with man bat crashing through, and dead fluorescent bats. Don’t believe me? Read it yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.  It makes no sense, and there better be some way to tie this all together or I’m going to get a concussion from all the head banging. I hate to do this but I give it a 1.5 out of 5. I still hold out hope, but I did give a deadline in an earlier review, so one more issue to turn it around for me. OR ELSE.

Heroes for Hire: Issue 3

When this series first came out I was like, wait a Heroes for Hire without Luke Cage? I’m out! To be honest this story has managed to draw me in so far. Plus Cage made a little cameo in issue 2, so I was able to get by. This issue starts pretty much where the last left off, Paladin is trying to figure out what’s going on with Control, aka Misty Knight, while Misty is still hiring heroes to do various good service missions, like stopping Savage Land sex trafficking and getting Atlantein drugs off the streets. It’s possible that Moon Knight has been the best part of this new book. Although you see he is doing the right thing, and sometimes follows the direction of Control, he is doing all the missions to the beat of his own drum. When told to leave and let the UN take down the sex traffickers, he didn’t stop trying to save the Savage Land women, and even had to fight a dinosaur for his trouble, which he beat before learning how to easily take it down at the base of the neck. I guess stabbing it through the heart works too. Another surprise to me is how much I’m liking Paladin. His fight with Iron Fist, and almost pleading for help to find Control was great. I am really starting to enjoy this book, so it gets a 3.5 out of 5 because I want to see where it goes before giving final judgment.

Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates 1

Now this 6 issue arc in the Ultimate series is going to be tough for me. I have not been impressed with anything outside of Ultimate Spiderman lately, and now this is part of the story that kills him off too.  Congratulation Ultimate series, if Spider-man dies for real, then I may be done with you for a while. I digress, and hope to be able to look at this book for what it is versus what it might be. First off, it’s not bad. It picks up right after the whole vampire thing, and now pretty much the whole Ultimate universe is trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces after the main base was transported to Iran by Captain America in an effort to kill hundreds of vampires in the Iranian sun. We find out that the seemingly dead Tony Stark is alive, but has a brain tumor. He didn’t even tell his brother, but told Cap and Thor. Now that’s some family drama. Next, the story takes us to Bulgaria, here Cap and his team, minus Iron Man, but plus the new Giant Man and Black Widow try to track down the stolen super soldier prototypes. There is a super soldier arms race, and apparently other countries don’t like that America is kicking everyone else’s ass. When they find the train, and use Thor’s immovable hammer to derail it, we have a tear jerker moment with a soldier that wants to help is country, but dies because the super soldier stuff apparently didn’t work right, or he was taken out too soon, that part wasn’t clear. Or maybe I’m still concussed from the Batman review. But what is clear is that the people working on the inside selling the super soldiers to other countries, is Nick Fury’s team. Dun – Dun – Dun! Cliffhanger. This should be good. I give this comic a 3 out of 5 because the vampire thing still make me break out in a cold sweat, and I’m waiting to see where the story ends up.

Justice League Generation Lost: Issue 19

I’ll be honest with you folks, I didn’t think much of this series at first, but it has grown on me like a fungus, and adding Power Girl, even if it’s only for a short time, was the  thing to actually get me to enjoy it enough to review it. So here we go. This issue starts with the origin of Jamie as the new Blue Beetle, the abbreviated version, but still a nice little story to start us off. Through the course of the last couple issue, we have really gotten to know this new Blue Beetle, and I for one like him. He was brought something to the team that I enjoy, and watching him pretty much spit in the face of Max Lord while Beetle is being tortured was great. This issue is a heavy Blue Beetle issue, with the rest of the team rushing to get to him, in order to save him. The fight between Beetle and Lord when Beetle breaks free is a good one, with some good witty banter thrown in for good measure. I wanted to see more action from the rest of the team, but the end might be worth the price of admission alone. Just when we think Beetle is going to finish the fight, Lord presses a button, and brings Beetle to his knees, and then with a de-ja-vu moment from Beetles past, Lord shots him in the head, right in front of the rest of the team who could not make it in time. It kind of looks like a grazing shot, so this might not be the end, but if it is for our new Blue Beetle, then he went out swinging. The next issue should be very interesting. I give this 4 out of 5, with my first 5 out of 5 in waiting if this goes where I think its going.

We shall end it there dear readers. As always, “Do not look at your opponents fist, lest you  miss all this world’s splendor.”

(Smoke pellet and I’m gone)


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