Jocelyn Ridgely prepares for Nadine to take her Revenge . . .

Nadine,  the escaped vigilante prostitute in the insanely popular Red Letter Media films is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting Movie Reviewer with an unhealthy addiction to Pizza Rolls.  We had the chance to speak with Mr. Plinkett himself Mike Stoklasa a while back and so it seemed only natural for us to seek out the only woman to ever escape Plinkett’s basement of horrors (and Star Wars Merchandise) Milwaukee actress, Jocelyn Ridgely.

How long have you been an actress?

Although I only truly consider myself an “actress” when I get paid to do it, I have enjoyed performing my whole life.

How did you get involved in the Red Letter Media Reviews?

I initially met Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman a couple of years ago via an open audition that I read about online.  They later asked me to play a small role in Feeding Frenzy as a troubled, meth-addicted prostitute on the streets.  Shortly after its filming, Mike asked me to play another small role—yet again, as a prostitute!  Half jokingly, I said that I would do it under the condition that they create a more legitimate, meaty role for me; he agreed.   This eventually lead to Nadine’s escape from the basement!

Did Mike Stoklasa try to pay you in Pizza Rolls?

Mike’s awesome—he gave me a freezer filled with them!  Mwaaa-a-ah!

I’ll be surprised if the answer is yes because in”real life” you look almost NOTHING like her but have you ever been recognized as Nadine?

My look changes with the seasons. I think it would be hard for people to recognize me without the vigilante costume and red lipstick.

Are you a Star Wars fan?

You might not want me to answer that…

Well if you were – which would be your favorite?

My favorite is Return of the Jedi.

Why Come?

For all of the obvious reasons.  I like Princess Leia, the Ewoks, Jabba the Hutt, and the ending.

The Ewoks. Of Course. Hey – who doesn’t love the Ewoks?  Were you surprised by the incredible popularity of the Prequel reviews?

Yes!  I had no idea how popular they would become, and it was exciting to talk to Mike and Jay as things progressed.

Do you get any negative feedback from them?

You would think so, but no.

Are you ready for all the attention that’s sure to come when THE REVENGE OF NADINE is released?

I’m excited to see the movie; we had so much fun filming it.  I hope it will receive some attention!

Has your role as Nadine led to any other work as an actress?

Not yet, but I think it showcases me nicely, and hopefully something will come of it.

What’s the worst project you have ever been involved with? Think hard and be honest – the one that made you wish you went to school for accounting . . . why was it so bad?

There are some things you wish you’d never done as an actor, but this one takes the cake:

True story, guys…

Las Vegas, Riviera Hotel, Pink Floyd Tribute Laser Light Show.  The performers, myself included, were cast on the OPENING  DAY.  I knew that I shouldn’t have taken the job, but my curiosity got the best of me (I didn’t think they were serious about opening the curtain to an audience without at least one full rehearsal). The director sketched out some last-minute scenes and movements to selected Pink Floyd songs, but they were awful.  Thirty minutes before show time, someone showed up with random costumes that didn’t fit, and to top it off—wait for it—the stage’s floor was made of ice!  This is where things started to fall apart.  I refused to wear the platform boots that they gave me because I’d never rehearsed in them–especially on ice!  Hello—broken ankle waiting to happen! Despite everything, the show did go on; and as you could guess, it was a disaster.  During the middle of the show, they had technical difficulties and couldn’t get the soundtrack to work.  More than half of the audience had already left—I hope they got their money back!

Tell us about your role in Feeding Frenzy!

I love to play characters that are gritty and ugly because they’re challenging.  I decided not to hide behind makeup for the scene.  I wanted to create some subtleties with the material.  I think the movie could have survived without my scene, but I’m not complaining.

You have a lot of stage experience. Which do you prefer film or performing in front of a live audience?

Because I graduated with a BFA in Theater Performance, I certainly have had a good amount of experience in front of live audiences.  More recently, I have found more opportunities in film; and fortunately with some wonderful local filmmakers.  It is hard to choose one over the other, but if I had to, I suppose it would be film.

Is there a large theater/film community in Wisconsin?

It’s small, and very humble, but it’s very strong.  If you’re ever in Milwaukee, make time to see a show, and you won’t regret it.

Do you have a “day job”?

Yes, I work as an independent contractor and travel all over the country performing live infomercials.  It’s an awesome gig.

When are you moving to NEW YORK (and will You and Mike come play with us at NYC Comic Con this October????)

I don’t know.  I would love to live in NY someday and Comic Con sounds like a good time, I’ve never been to an event like that!

Hopefully we can talk you and Mike into joining us there for the epic NY Comic Con 2011 !   Thanks for playing! Don’t forget to keep your eyeballs on the usual Webzones to catch the premiere of Nadine’s Revenge: coming soon from Red Letter Media !

Hey don’t forget – Red Letter Media is Auctioning off original scripts, props, broken Star Wars toys etc.


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  2. 17R3W says:

    great interview!

  3. shamussss says:

    redlettermedia is so great! I cant wait for this!

  4. lisawidgey says:

    Jocelyn Ridgely is the coolest!!! Can’t wait for Nads to go balls to the wall

  5. Arpad Lukacs says:

    Revenge of Nadine was very entertaining, there is great narrative built into these reviews – I hope to see more and I hope Nadine will return!

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