Stop… Just stop, now.

We’re going to learn a couple of lessons today. First, stop blaming the actors when comic book based movies or TV shows suck!!! They are paid to read what’s handed to them (see Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy). Now, if said actor is butchering their lines or emoting like a piece of petrified lumber… then yes, by means  blame them (We’re looking at you Jonah Hex co-star Megan Fox).

The other day Calmixx provided us with the premise for the forthcoming Wonder Woman David E. Kelley TV series. I thought it was some sort of terrorist threat. Nope.

That was Tanit Phoenix‘s audition tape and there was nothing wrong with the reading except – oh wait… What the Frak WAS she reading!?! Is that Wonder Woman? Is that a joke or something?

Second… and this is one of the reasons most comic titles don’t translate to TV or film, Hollywood doesn’t know what to DO with established characters. Some of these characters have been around for over 60 years but THEY think they have to modernize the hell out of them.  Although Wonder Woman may be in the early stages of development, this doesn’t feel like they stumbled out of the gate on this project. Oh no… This feels like a rocket powered face plant masterpiece!!! That reading while perfectly adequate has NOTHING to do with the Amazon Princess!!!

UPDATE: Video is gone. Trust me: in the words of Charles Barkley it was “Turrrrble.” Apparently somebody out there in Internet world knew it as well.


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Little is officially known about Brother Jobu. Geekpropaganda's research department have found ancient cave, Hieroglyphic, Mayan, and Native American paintings suggesting he has been here for quite sometime. Any government inquires about this entity have been met... With resistance. What we do know is, he loves classic Kung-Fu movies, video games, comic books, Football, and music. His true agenda however... Is yet to be discovered.
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