Psychoslash Comic Reviews for the week of 2/16/2011

Ok loyal Slashers (that’s what I call you guys), there was a Batman release this week, but lets be honest, I have bad mouthed the Dark Knight a lot recently, so lets give him a weeks reprieve and wait for the next Batman and Robin. I’m hoping against  hope that it gives me a reason to believe in the Batman comics again. It could happen. Right? Maybe?  Here we go.

Brightest Day #20

Brightest Day has been getting better and better, you know, since they killed off the Hawkman and Hawkgirl arc. This issue continues with great story telling and I now have to admit that this is becoming one of my favorite comics to read. In this issue, we pick up with the war of the aquamen, so to speak. Boston Brand wants to help the now one-armed Aquaman, but the white ring won’t let him. Side note, Aquaman’s arm getting cut off again, although tragic, is going to hopefully lead to another badass hook hand or something. Aqualad saves Aquaman from Black Manta, aka Aqualad’s father. The fight continues, but when all seems lost, including Aquaman losing a ton of blood, Mera shows up with help to turn the tides of the fight, almost literally. Aqualad is also introduced to Aquagirl;  Can you say “love connection”. While the two lovebirds get acquainted, Mera apologizes to Aquaman for everything, and then risks her life to force the entire enemy army back into the ocean. With the enemy backed away from the surface, Aquaman pushes them back to the Bermuda Triangle using his new telepathy toward dead sea animals. He’s an Aqua-Medium now? Cool! Black Manta calls out one of his villain cliches  “you haven’t seen the last of me”, and then the new Aqua family rejoices in victory. Unfortunately this is short lived as the white lantern ring tells Aquaman his mission is accomplished, and then vaporizes him. I have a feeling that this isn’t the last we have seen of any of the vaporized heroes. I give this issue a 4.5 out of 5. It had almost everything. a great story, some incredible action, great art, a cut off arm being sealed by electricity and two different stories of redemption. I can’t wait to see what happens with the white lanterns going forward!

Wolverine #6

Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of Wolverine going to hell, I have to say the way it’s ending is great. This issue starts off with Wolverine still possessed  getting chased through the streets by his fellow X-men. This is a great scene of some of the most powerful mutants on the planet. Magneto stops him and rips out his adamantium, then Namor rips off his head, none of which really kill him due to his healing factor, but the piece de resistance, Cyclops vaporizes his body, thus killing Wolverine. Is this the end? Wait, this was all just a computerized strategy session. Cyclops now has hundreds of way to kill Wolverine. After seeing the damage that Wolverine did during his rampage, Scott gets his plan together to kill the beast before he does anymore damage. When the X-men get to the church where we left off last issue, Wolverine, now back in his body, is trying to fight the demons in his head. The Ghost Riders have done all they can, and now its up to Logan. As Cyclops gives him 5 minutes to get it together, Wolverine’s inner turmoil continues. At the end of the issue, Scott gives the order, and it looks as if the execution of Wolverine is about to begin. This issue was interesting because it confirmed something that I have always thought. Cyclops is ready just in case any of his team goes rouge. Much like Batman did, Cyclops has all these scenarios filed away, ready for anything that might happen. I give this issue 3 out of 5 because it turned around the title, and hopefully is indicative of more coolness to come.

Justice League of America #54

I know that this issue is just a set up issue for the next story arc, but I still expected more. Yes, it is good to see the return of Eclipso, but I wanted to see more of the Justice League, I mean this new version has only been around for like 4 issues, so could we please get so team building or something?  Maybe a relationship problem? Anything?  All we got in this issue was Eclipso coming back to life, then using his powers to recruit a super team for himself. I think that this story arc is probably going to be great, but this issue felt wanting. I didn’t even see the best Batman of all the comics in this issue, (Damn it!  I couldn’t help talking about Batman!) This issue gets a 1 out of 5 because it really dropped the ball. Now pick up the ball and either go home or RUN WITH IT!  DO BETTER!  Psychoslash has spoken.

I’m going to end it here, because to be honest, I was not impressed by this week’s comics.  I think I need to open up my horizons and look into  some new books  that I haven’t delved into before. If you guys have any recommendations, I’m all ears, or ahh mask.  So to speak.

(Smoke pellet and I’m gone. (And also disappointed by my comics selections this week. Gonna have to stitch a sad face on my mask if this keeps up.)


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