What is Number Four?

I sincerely hope that whoever is in charge of marketing over at Dreamworks got a beat down today for the incredible mismanagement of the ad campaign for I Am Number Four.  Brother Jobu and I had been looking forward to this flick for a while now or at least we were looking forward to the movie they have been advertising for two months.   The movie we THOUGHT we were going to see was an awesome action adventure flick about a group of teenagers with mysterious powers being hunted by a supernatural force intent on vanquishing them from the planet!   Instead we saw a vague pseudo “Highlander slash Twilight” knock off that seemed like it could have been the pilot for a new series on the CW network.  That is not to say that it’s a bad movie at all because it’s really not. It’s just not the movie they told us it was going to be.  The action is competent, the actors are all adequate and like-able enough, and the  special effects are pretty top notch.  Teresa Palmer gets to be a total bad ass as the one known as Number Six and by the time the movie ends you’ll be wishing that it WAS a TV series so that next week you could learn more about her as she is the most interesting character involved.  The trouble here is that this is essentially a comic book movie for teenage girls. Again, that is NOT a bad thing. It’s just not really OUR thing.  The more I think about it, the more this was really very similar to the Twilight films in both tone and execution.  I don’t LOVE those movies either, but when my wife and 10 year old daughter drag me out at midnight to see the first screening I know exactly what I’m getting into and I can appreciate them for what they are and who their target audience is.  If the marketing people on this had been smart enough to sell it as what it actually is I imagine they would be sitting on top of a mountain of money today instead, of getting bad word of mouth from folks who feel duped.  Truth be told, if I had seen this on DVD or Cable I would have enjoyed it a lot more and would probably recommend it.  As a sixteen dollar IMAX flick?  Only if you are a teenage girl with excess disposable income.


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2 Responses to What is Number Four?

  1. Bill Casale says:

    I was going to go see it, but wow. Looks like another teenage drama. Not for me . . .

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