Dwayne McDuffie 1963 – 2011

“Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

-John Donne

Today Dwayne McDuffie passed away due to complications after having surgery Monday.  I’m a firm believer in remembering and celebrating the person that was with us… And I marvel at his achievements and the lives he’s touched. Now I can’t speak to what type of man he was personally… But I can tell you this… He was one of the most prolific Writer\Producer\Creators of our generation. His writing on the Justice League comics and graphic novels returned the title to award winning status. His creator owned Static Shock was the flagship title for Milestone comics. That title also became a Saturday morning staple. At a time when ethnic heroes were at a minimum, he created a character all children could look up to!!! No matter race, creed, color, or gender he always created excellent chemistry and symmetry with his characters. The Justice League animated series laid the foundation for the epic titles now coming from DC Animation!!! His last two DC Animated titles: Crisis on Two Earths and All Star Superman are unquestionably his best animated works. We must wonder what he would have done in the future. There is a void in the Geek-verse.


About Brother Jobu

Little is officially known about Brother Jobu. Geekpropaganda's research department have found ancient cave, Hieroglyphic, Mayan, and Native American paintings suggesting he has been here for quite sometime. Any government inquires about this entity have been met... With resistance. What we do know is, he loves classic Kung-Fu movies, video games, comic books, Football, and music. His true agenda however... Is yet to be discovered.
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