Psychoslash Comic Reviews: Week of 2/20

“Psychoslash, come on down, you’re the next contestant on the Psychoslash Comic Review!”  I’ll take 4 new releases for 500 Watson . . . wait a minute! Watson? What the hell happened to Alex? Good Lord the robots are taking over! Battlestations!  Ok, enough messing around; let’s get down to business…Invincible Iron Man 501 I have been a big fan of the recent Iron Man comics, even the new Iron Man 2.0, which I will not be reviewing in this article. With that said, this issue continues to impress me. It starts kind of slow, with Tony Stark doing the business thing, then having one of his incredibly cocky interviews, but then it gets really good. A missile from out of nowhere blows up his hotel room, and then he finds Doc Ock is the one responsible. Right before Iron Man is about to rip Ock to pieces, Ock shows Tony that he has a bomb ready to destroy the city if he doesn’t play ball. Ock gets Tony face to face, and in between interesting flash backs of Ock and Tony in younger years, we learn that Ock is threatening Tony so that he’ll help him save his brain. If Tony doesn’t help Ock will destroy the city and have the Sinister Six kill one of Tony’s employees. At the end of the issue, Tony says there’s a way to save Doc Ock. This issue is great for one reason, the cross mixing of enemies. I love to see super villains mixing it up with new people. I am looking forward to seeing the confrontation of Iron Man and Doc Ock when this story arc comes to an end. With this being said, this issue was good, but not great, so I’m giving it a 3.5. If one of the X-Men villains jumps in on the next issue, I’m giving it a 6 out of 5. I know it make no sense, but that kind of greatness needs it’s own logic. Green Arrow 9 This DC title has been one of the best when it comes to story, art and character development. This issue continues the great story, and having it mix with the White Lantern story just adds to the intrigue. Can anyone feel that Green Arrow might be the champion that the White Lantern ring is looking for? Oh I hope so. That would be like Christmas.  When last we saw Green Arrow, he was fighting Etrigan with the help of Jason Blood and his merry men. The fight is going the good guys way, when all the sudden the demon somehow combines with parts of the forest, and becomes an even more powerful adversary. The forest then attacks anything close, including people investigating the forest. This does not help Green Arrow, who leaves Jason Blood to protect the White Lantern tree. Just as he is about to get to the tree, his merry man is absorbed by one of the trees, and a bunch of giant insects come out. He fights them the best he can, then lights some of his arrows of fire, and finishes the issue with a “BRING IT ON” moment. This issue does not disappoint, and not only furthers Green Arrow’s road to redemption, but also Jason Blood’s path. The next issue will show Green Arrow with his back to the wall, fighting solo to save the White Lantern tree. I can’t wait. This wasn’t the perfect issue, but it was close. I give it a 4.5 out of 5. Ultimate Doom 3 The Ultimate Marvel universe is in a whole bunch of trouble again. Reed Richards has apparently gone crazy, and decided to destroy the world and rebuild it in a new image, maybe his own, but something he sees as better. Wow, they really turned Richards into one of the most badass super villains this side of Dr. Doom, who in this universe is dead, much like every other popular character. I digress. This series is starting to grow on me, and I really like the development of Ben Grimm past being just the Thing. His new persona as a being of power is great, plus he fell in love with Sue Storm and can’t get her to love him back…..ah, a love story, you know with world destruction on top. Sue has almost found out how to beat Reed at the end of this issue, but needs a sample of the blob like creature destroying the top science facilities. Rick Jones then transports himself and Johnny Storm (remember he’s not dead in the Ultimate Universe) to the Roxxon building to get a sample, and in the process, picks up Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, and Dr. Octavius. The issue ends there, very abruptly. It’s a good issue, but if there isn’t some kind of big fight scene in the next issue, then this is the most disappointing series I may have ever seen, and I’ve seen many disappointing things in my life…………BARAKA DEADPOOL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So in hoping that the next issue delivers, I will give it a 3 out of 5.

Teen Titans 92

I have really been enjoying the Teen Titans lately, and the new lineup with Robin (aka Damien Wayne) has really made me like the inner team turmoil. So what does this title do?  They get rid of Robin, and replace him with Red Robin, who was there before. WHY? WHY? WHY?  I finally found a good place for Robin, and now they get rid of him. I don’t even want to review this article fully, so here’s what I’ll say. Titans fight robots, find the ring leader, stop Wonder Girl from killing him, then Damien stabs him to show he’s a robot. Apparently everyone else knew, but Wonder Girl. Finishes with Robin leaving, and everyone bad mouthing him, and Red Robin jumping into his place. And here I thought Red Robin was going to do a Nightwing like gig, and he joins the Teen Titans…….again. I can’t take it anymore.  DC is killing the whole Batman universe, including supporting characters. WHY? WHY? Someone tell me!  It makes no sense. This issue gets a 1 out of 5, and only gets a 1 because Damien was pretty badass in this issue. I’m about to give up on DC comics, and the only thing that’s keeping me here is Green Arrow.  What do you wanna bet they kill him off just to further disappoint me?

I’m going to go bang my head into a wall, until next week slashers. Hopefully I’ll get a concussion.   (Smoke Pellet and I run head first into a wall.)


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