Feeding Frenzy Leaves You Hungry for More…

If Kevin Smith and Sam Raimi got together with six hundred bucks, two high-end digital camcorders and spent two weeks making a horror movie, I have to believe that the end result would be remarkably similar to Feeding Frenzy.

We occasionally get sent screener copies of “Independent flicks” from “backyard Hitchcocks” asking us to review them but we almost never do because the quality is usually really bad. Audio humming, choppy camera work, hard to understand actors, boring scene composition, lame plots …most of these things aren’t ever getting in front a real audience anyway so I don’t think it’s dishonest to pretend it never showed up rather than rip it to shreds and hurt somebody’s feelings. “If you can’t say something nice…” right?

That being said, we were not sent a screener copy of Feeding Frenzy.  I ordered it from the Red Letter Media Website after really enjoying the interviews we did with Mike Stoklasa and Jocelyn Ridgely about the Mr. Plinkett Movie Reviews. I paid less than fifteen dollars for the special edition DVD including delivery and I have to tell you if you dig the rubber puppet monster movies of the eighties (Gremlins, Critters, Ghoulies, Driving Miss Daisy etc.) you should order a copy too.

There is a secret horror lurking beneath old man Plinkett’s hardware store and after his idiot employee accidentally lets it escape it starts picking off the customers one by one…

Let me warn you – this is not a perfect film by any stretch of the imagination. Co-Directors Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman and company are using the limited resources at hand here and the cracks show. What also shows is that they have some real commercial potential in this arena.  For their first “major” effort beyond some YouTube videos I actually think its leaps and bounds beyond Smith’s first effort “Clerks” and a real close second to Raimi’s Evil Dead.

Some of the editing is a “hair” off here and there, sitting just a second or two longer on a few shots than it should and many of the music cues sound canned (turns out they actually are – a limitation of the budget I imagine) but the whole thing feels like a damn good “almost” final cut of a potential cult classic genre flick that also happens to be funny as hell.

Anybody who has seen a Red Letter Media movie review knows how funny these guys are and this flick is a great showcase for their dark humor with a few actual “laugh out loud” moments.

If they could manage a slightly tighter cut of this film with an original soundtrack and maybe even some digital effect work on the story’s climax this could be HUGE.

Don’t misunderstand me – this movie is a lot of fun just as it is now – it’s just that it’s potential is SO OBVIOUS that you want to “will it” to be even better.  At least I did.

Some quick observations:

Mr. Plinkett as played by Rich Evans is actually less exaggerated than the character played by Mike Stoklasa in the Red Letter Reviews but he comes off as much more creepy and actually sort of realistic here. Sort of.  If Joe Dante had made Feeding Frenzy rest assured he would have cast Dick Miller as the wheelchair bound maniac.

Joceyln Ridgely is in one scene and is so good you miss her as soon as she’s gone.  Somebody get that girl an agent.

Jay Bauman’s heart attack victim character made me laugh so hard in his “reaction shots” I had to rewind.

The scene with the Russian Mail Order bride and her husband with the head injury makes you wish they had their own movie all to themselves. Prequel? Anybody? Please?

The special features on the surprisingly full-featured DVD were actually interesting to watch and make it clear how much fun these folks are to work with. Also – never rent an apartment to Mike Stoklasa. Never.

Stoklasa and Bauman need to get themselves a new project fast. I want more.

This is the kind of flick that would KILL at a Comic Con Screening  … Hmm.. lets not get ahead of ourselves . . . more info on that coming soon enough . . .


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