Say Cheese – it's Robin Cook !

From pinups, newborns, pets & even Star Wars divas, Robin Cook is the photographer that you should definitely keep an eye out for.
No, don’t literally remove your eye from its socket, just simply be aware of Robin’s sheer excellence.
I had the pleasure of discovering Robin’s work when she posted a link on a Facebook page I run under the name of ‘Ladies Who Love Star Wars And Guys That Love Those Ladies’
I was immediately captivated by her attention to detail and her uniquely raw way of capturing an entire story through her lens…..Oh, and it didn’t hurt that she was a massive Star Wars fan who had dedicated an entire shoot to the galaxy far far away.
Before you go any further, you should definitely see her entire Star Wars photo-shoot below.  While you do that, I’ll be practicing my saxophone skills. I don’t care if it wakes the neighbors, I have soul and they shall not quiet me!

Click here for the shoot.

You’re back? Great. You’re pretty blown away right? Yeah, I still am too.
I sense that Robin has a brilliant future as a photographer and I am happy that I got interview her before she was too busy to waste her time with small fries like me.

Without further ado, I give you my interview with the insanely talented, Robin Cook!

Do you have any formal training in the art of photography or are you just naturally amazing at capturing such greatness? I have no formal training. I have always been self taught in the midst of everything I have ever done. I get an idea and just figure out how to do it!

Do you prefer digital cameras or film?
I am all digital girl!

What is your favorite camera to use?
I like telling people I use my cell phone to make the magic but it is actually a big heavy 5dMKII that I use.

What are your favorite subjects to photograph-People, animals, objects, etc?
Other than people I love working with dogs and after that is doing macros with flowers and butterflies.

How did you go about arranging that incredible Star Wars photo shoot?
This shoot took a few months planning. I had huge set ideas and location plans but nothing came through. I selected all the girl roles because I wanted it to be about women in power. I had a very nice guy in a local club contact me that arranged the costumes and guys after I told him what I wanted. The funniest part is that since I could not get help in the end and had zero budget, I just set up all the ideas in my head to match with the place I got literally a day prior to the shoot and then had one of the guys help me with setting up some scenes . The guys were amazing as well as the girls and really it just all came together. I knew I was going to do a “Last Supper” set the second I arrived at the location. I made those poor guys sit with that pizza for about 30 minutes while I shot them with it!

Have you always been a big Star Wars fan & if so, what’s your favorite Star Wars film?
Yes! Since I was 7 yrs old and my dad took me to see Star Wars A New Hope when it came out. I can’t choose between the prequels because I could watch them back to back.

Are there any other photographers that inspire you?
Oh my yes, Joe McNally, Jeremy Cowart, Frank Doorhof…really there are so many!

What do you feel has been your greatest photographic accomplishment so far?
This Star Wars shoot!

If you could photograph any person, (real or fake) who would you choose?
Real people, I would love to photograph Ryan Reynolds, Mosh, and ScarJo! Non-Real would be, I would photograph all the Marvel Comic Book characters…that would be cool.

Where do you hope to be ten years from now?
Shooting for the big magazines and also doing photography for movies ….scifi movies and fantasy.

Besides photography, what are some of your other interests?
I am a dog show enthusiast and total gear head girl!
Do you take pictures for a living or do you have a day job?
Right now this is part time. I am opening a studio soon and hope this turns full time. During the day I am a marketing coordinator and have to “leave the photography at home”…. I say it is like being Diana Prince by day and then later with my camera I feel like Wonder Woman.

Would you be willing to shoot a Brother Jobu Calendar if we paid you in Pizza roll coupons?
Ha ha ha….I do love pizza rolls!

What’s next for you & is there anything you’d like to tell our readers?
I am planning a part 2 Star Wars shoot midyear. I also have plans to do a Bad Girl Villains shoot in April. I love doing the cosplay and If I can find help for costuming and sets I will be bringing more to life!

*Thank you so much for letting us interview you, Robin! We wish you the absolute best with your journey as a photographer and we are definitely looking forward to turning Jobu into a modern day pinup. After all, with a body like Jobu it’s important that we exploit it, Muffin Top and all. ) Oh relax Jobu – it’s just a joke. Besides Muffin Tops are in now. 🙂


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