Psychoslash Comic Book Reviews: Week of 3/2/2011

Welcome Slashers ! Have a seat; can I have the goddesses get you anything? How about some tiger blood or Adonis DNA? I have 3 new reviews for you. WINNING!! Lets jump into it before this just becomes a post about how Charlie Sheen is changing my brain with his Bitchin’ Rock Star from Mars quotes… PLAN BETTER INDEED!!

Brightest Day #21

Ok, so I have been pretty hard on Brightest Day thus far, but now its getting good. It seems as though we are finally getting to the answers of the questions I have had since Blackest Night. What is the White Lantern? What is it going to do? Why were the heroes brought back to life? Why was Aquaman’s cut off hand just hanging in the surf when the rest of him was poofed somewhere else? When will Batman get better? Wait that last one is a question for DC in general, not Brightest Day. Forget that last question…for now. Brightest Day is making things really interesting. With the supposed death or teleportation of the White Lantern heroes, everyone in the DC universe is trying to figure out why they were brought back, and where they went, before the other heroes fall to the same fate. This issue focuses on the superheroes scrambling, and Martian Manhunter, who hasn’t been seen in a coupe issues, trying to fight off a mad Martian bitch (my words, not theirs).  As he is fighting her off, she tells him they can reform Mars together, but Manhunter would rather live with the ghosts of the past, and then throw the other Martian and himself into the sun. But wait, the White Lantern saved Manhunter and wanted him to choose if his home is Mars or is it truly Earth. Earth is chosen, and Manhunter goes right to work saving people from the fires that are around the magic forest (no I’m not stoned, there really is a magic forest). After saving everyone, Boston Brand shows up in his all powerful White Lantern form, and poofs Manhunter away, but this time more like a slow, sucked in poof. Does that mean he is being absorbed by the White Lantern, or did it kill him? All these questions and more, next Brightest Day. This issue gets a 4 out of 5, and I can’t wait till next issue.

Heroes for Hire #4

This is an interesting new book. For the most part I hated the idea without Luke Cage, and I wasn’t big on focusing on Misty Knight, but this is becoming intriguing. Seeing the Puppet Master controlling her in a new way has been good, but it raises the question, did the last 5 missions really happen, or was it all in Knight’s mind? That is the question. Obviously the people who hired Puppet Master want something out of Misty, but its not going well. Misty is fighting the control, and is going through her own personal slide show of hell to fight it. This issue only focused on the fighting mind control, so it wasn’t great, but it may be a good waypoint to what will hopefully be some better stories. Misty ends up beating the mind control, and then beats on Puppet Master before walking out. Does this mean Heroes for Hire is back in full business? Check out the next issue to find out. I give this issue a 3 out of 5.

Green Lantern #63

Since the idea of the different emotions that give all the lanterns their powers, it seems that each lantern corp has been growing in size, and then fight the other lantern colors.  It’s like Lantern Summer Camp. In previous issues, Hal Jordan (the good one, not the CGI suited Ryan Reynolds…..I mean come on, can’t get a real frickin suit? How hard is it to create a real suit that looks good…..why is WB so CGI crazy?) has been teaming with other colors of lanterns to try to find Krona before he takes all emotional entities, which are apparently the source of the different rings powers. Before finding Krona, we get a glimpse of what has become of the life of Hal Jordan. He has disassociated himself from his friends, and hasn’t power down the ring in a long time, meaning he has been in Green Lantern mode for far too long. It is obviously taking a toll. But this has to wait, as they go to attack Krona, who in the mean time captured the last of the emotional entities. As then enter the room to battle Krona, we see that he found the Black Lantern book, and the book shows the different lanterns the true history of Krona and the other guardians of the universe. This of course is a lead up to the War of the Green Lanterns, and in the final pages of this issue we see that there can be only three Green Lanterns to rule them all. Yes, they are taking a page from Highlander…never a bad thing. THERE CAN BE ONLY 3!!! This is a great lead in issue, so it gets a 3.5 out of 5.

For the record, next week I will be adding an IDW title to my reviews, meaning I am opening up your horizons……’re welcome!

Until next time get some Tiger Blood and Hulk DNA for your new brains.

(Smoke Pellet and I’m WINNING!)


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