Psychoslash Comic Reviews: Week of 3/9/2011

Ok, so now that I am fully Charlie Sheen’d out, I can finally focus on reviewing comics. But wait, what’s this? This week is a heavy Batman comic’s week? No, please I don’t want to read weird convoluted comics that make Batman look weak! Wait, I have to? Who said? Oh, right the voice in my head that is try to punish me by saying, “Give Batman another chance, and a Spider-Man musical is a great idea.” Damn you voice in my head, one of these days I won’t listen to you  but apparently today is not the day. So without further wait, LETS GET IT ON!!

Venom #1

I start with this comic because I really enjoyed the reboot to the Venom series. Everyone knows that the Venom symbiote is extremely dangerous, so once the U.S. Government takes it off of Mac Gargan, what do they do with it? They give it to one of Spider-Man/Peter Parkers best friends, Flash Thompson. But there are some restrictions to the Venom Project. Flash can only wear the suit for 48 hours or it will bond with him, and if he loses control of his emotions while wearing the suit the government will hit the kill switch, which kills the host.  With all those risks, Flash took up the challenge in order to become like his favorite superhero, Spider-Man. Now Flash will only be doing military mission, but how long will it be before Venom and Spider-Man meet up, and there is some sort of confrontation? I can’t wait for that awkward banter. Back to this issue, Venom is dropped right into a war zone, and needs to capture a weapons developer/dealer. Instead of doing the mission, he goes to save the civilians, but gets attacked by hired gun Jack-O-Lantern. During the final fight, Venom sticks a grenade in Jack’s mouth, and kills the weapons dealer, but saves the civilians. Now that’s a day’s work. Very cool, but the real reason I’m liking this comic is because of what happens after the suit is taken off Flash. His relationship with Betty Brant is hitting the skids and he thinking drinking again, but he wheels forward. (oh yeah for those of you who don’t know, Flash is in a wheel chair now) I give this issue a 4 out of 5. I have high hopes for this comic, don’t let me down.

Batman Inc #3, Batgirl #19, Batman & Robin #21, Birds of Prey #10

Ok, I’m doing all the Batman related comics at once, because honestly I don’t know what else to do. I keep waiting for Batman to come back, but nothing. For example, Batman and Robin get beaten up again, talk for way too long about wings being made (like 3 pages), then show a new villain who is killing the families of other villains. The worst part is that this new villain looks like the Truth from Full Metal Alchemist. Then there’s more police work, and then the issue ends. No real action, and nothing really explained from the issue before. Batman Inc is no better. Basically, Bruce Wayne has become a secret agent in Mexico, complete with the three-page tango with a poisonous villainess. Then he tells his new “hire” that he is not Bruce Wayne, only impersonating Bruce Wayne to figure out what is going on in Mexico. IT MAKES NO SENSE. The comics that do the best this week are the girls. Batgirl has some quick banter, but also some great brawling. She fights a villain called SlipStream, who leaves because of the greater plan. GOOD PLOT TWIST. In Birds of Prey, this is the one the impressed me the most. The story about the death of Oracle comes to an end as Oracle fakes her death in order to keep everyone in the DC Universe safe. After her chopper was destroyed, Oracle reveals that she wasn’t in it, then the Birds of Pray kick the crap out of the various villains. To be honest, the best shot of Batman this week was in Birds of Prey, and he wasn’t even shown in the scene. The birds wonder what happen to the other villains, and when the birds turn, the villains are tied up with a Batman logo attached. One birds says, “its good to have Bruce Wayne back”. Now that’s the Batman I want. The one the beats up the villains, leaves them for the authorities, then moves on. Or the one that takes command of a situation without having to say a word. Where has this Batman gone? Maybe the Birds of Prey author should take over, cause they are the only ones coming close. Batman Inc and Batman and Robin get 2 out of 5, while Batgirl gets a 3.5 and Birds of Prey gets a 4. Next time I might just review Birds of Prey. Have I forsaken Batman?

Transformers #17

Like I said last week, I needed to find something new, and I found it in something old. Yes Transformers has been around for a long time, but it was this nostalgia that may have given my faith in comics back after two weeks of head scratching (or head crashing into walls, but whatever). This issue starts with a flashback to a scenario that would make me nuts. Trapped in a shipping crate, underwater for two days. Wow, these army guys have some balls to be somewhat ok after that. This lead to the military men finding a transmission from a new and improved Megatron, telling Optimus Prime that he has one of his Autobots (Magnus) and if he doesn’t want more of his Autobots to die, meet him outside Albuquerque. When they meet, Prime and Megatron don’t fight they talk. The banter is great, and to sum it up, Megatron’s old body of weapons are being used by the people in town on the Autobots that Megatron dropped in town. Now this is a Dark Knight moment, does Prime believe enough in humans to not go save his men, or will he hurt the humans to save his men? Prime sends Jazz and the human military guys that were with them to try and sort it out. While this is happening, Prime figures out that Megatron is controlling the humans through the guns, and shots Soundwave in the head to stop the transmission, but the Sheriff in town still wants to shot the Autobots, and just as he might, Jazz destroys the Sheriff. That’s where the issue ends, on a great cliffhanger. This is a really fun issue, and I would recommend going back a reading the first 16 to get fully up to speed. I give it a 4 out of 5. IDW has earned the right to be in my reviews, and I look forward to more titles from them.

Ultimate Spider-Man #155


Now onto my favorite Ultimate title. I am still feeling the effects of my head beating over why they are killing Spider-Man, but this issue delves into some very interesting issues. It starts with Peter Parker being fired from his fast food job, but that leads into him going and meeting to Mr. Jameson. Now we have know for a while now that Jameson knows that Spider-Man is Peter Parker, but there has been no confrontation yet. Well here it is, but it goes something like this. Parker thinks Jameson is going to out him, Jameson thanks Parker, tries to give him money, Parker only wants a job, Jameson gives him the job if Parker gives him the Spider-Man stories, everyone agrees, Parker is back at the Daily Bugle. I am really shortening this exchange, but it was really well done. You should really check it out. On his way home Spider-Man stops some low level villains, and then sees Kitty helped him and gets her to come back with him. They go to the Parker house, which has turned into the foster home basically for lost superheroes. When they enter, it’s a surprise party for Peter’s birthday, where he gets new, really high tech web shooters from Tony Stark. To end the issue, he tells Mary Jane he loves her and they embrace. This issue had it all, but it is the prelude to the death of Spider-Man. Now I’m depressed because the issues are getting better and better, and now they are going to kill Spider-Man. I guess I’ll enjoy the last few issues, but I don’t want it to go. Then I have to go back to reviewing Batman comics that leave me disappointed. WHY GOD WHY?


Well I’ll end it there before I completely lose my mind. Keep reading and as always if you have any recommendations please let me know. See you next week. WINNING! Ha! (Thanks to the unnamed person who recommended the IDW titles, good call)

(Smoke Pellet and I’m stuck on the ledge outside the window because I forgot I was scared of heights)


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