Kate Beckinsale is in Underworld for… oh sorry – that’s the NUMBER 4

Kate Beckinsale is back for Underworld 4 and that’s kind of strange as she skipped out on  Underworld3.  If I’m not mistaken; and I could be;  Underworld 3 was a prequel or an alternate universe or something and to be honest I’m not even sure that the woman who played her role in Underworld3 was actually playing the same role and it doesn’t really matter anyway because it’s Underworld not Macbeth. The only reason they keep making these movies is because they can’t believe they had a mopey heroine wrapped up in a Werewolves Vs. Vampires war ten years before Twilight and almost nobody cared.  Well somebody cared because they are making the fourth one now and that’s a picture of Kate Beckinsale on the set. I think they feel like they should have been able to tap that elusive 14 year old girl demo. I can’t think of another movie where the lead skipped the sequel but then came back for a different sequel. Does Sean Connery count? He came back for Never Say Never Again, but James Bond movies aren’t “true” sequels.  Actually I guess that Vin Diesel dude is coming back for the new Fast and the Furious flick and he’s missed a bunch of those right? As it turns out, I guess this happens all the time. Whatever. Carry on.


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