Thoughts on Superman

Just thinking about the Zack Snyder Superman reboot and what needs to happen there to break the “blahh boring” cycle that Bryan Singer subjected us to in Superman Returns and make me care about the big blue boy scout. These are just some quick thoughts – feel free to add your own in the comments.

1. Superman is not a sad loner who looks like he cries himself to sleep every night.  He is the Man of Frickin’ Steel.  Shoulders back, chest out – now go beat something to dust!

2. Superman needs to beat something to dust.  As “barbaric” as it may sound, I’m tired of watching him lift heavy stuff.  He needs to be punching holes in stuff. Big stuff. He’s Superman for the love of Pete!

3. He needs a villain who is a physical threat. No more “kryptonite”, no more “evil real estate plots”.  After five modern Superman movies we need a bad guy who can put the hurt on him and show us WHY he’s so TOUGH.

4. Clark Kent is not a bumbling idiot.  That’s all. He’s not.

5. Superman is American (I don’t care what nationality the ACTOR is – he is an ACTOR) He is not a UN weapon.  He was raised in Kansas and that mid-western upbringing is what makes him who he is, not the “magic crystal” lessons of Marlon Brando.

6. There has to be a moment in the film when Supes “comes back” or gets a “second wind” or does something amazing that the bad guy and the audience never saw coming. This moment needs to be emotionally powerful enough to illicit cheers from the audience.  That’s what a movie about Superman really needs.  A moment for the audience to be SHOCKED, INSPIRED and THRILLED by the Man of Steel.


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One Response to Thoughts on Superman

  1. Comatoast says:

    Good points all! Is this in the bag yet or still in early stages?

    Early stages still. Hope remains.

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